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Saturday, May 10, 2014


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"True Spirituality is much more than what you believe and why you believe it." 


Your  Chakras Ascending

True spirituality is about how you live; 

it's about how well you serve; 
it's about your ability to listen; 

it's about your ability to lead;
it's about your ability to heal; 

it's about being willing to step into the unknown!
It's about falling down 9 times
but getting up 10 times to try it all over again.

It's about love!

It's about finding the light within and sharing it in a world that
often retreats into darkness."

                           James Weeks/Across The King's River

"True spirituality should remind you of your own divinity. And the light that you came to earth with. How can you grow in Spirit if you're not even aware
of your own light? The raw, unique, potential that you have to bring
healing, or art, or literature, or leadership, or medicine, or music,
or dance, or laughter, or science, or justice, or nourishment
to our world using YOUR light and the light
that flows to you from the Creator? 

May your light never go dim! 
May you trust your light! 
We need your light. 
So bring your light."

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