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Monday, June 30, 2014


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Golden Seal
GOLDEN SEAL is one of the most powerful healing agents in the entire herbal kingdom, and offers us a wide range of its therapeutic properties, serving as a powerful tonic, laxative, alterative (for the mucous membranes), ophthalmic, cholagogue, diuretic, antiseptic, deobstruent for the glandular system, haemostatic (uterine) and nervine.

Golden Seal is highly recognized for its usefulness in congested conditions, sustaining the circulation of blood in the veins, and this attribute is valuable in heart affections where the extremities are usually cold and lips bluish. 

To strengthen the weakened condition, it is best to combine 1 part Cayenne and Skullcap to 4 parts Golden Seal, 2 caps three to four times daily. As a tonic for spinal nerves (including spinal meningitis), combine GS with skullcap and hops (equal parts).

Golden Seal is excellent for debilitated conditions of the mucous membranes of the stomach. By effectively toning the mucous membranes of the stomach, GS improves the appetite, gastric secretions and the flow of bile, and thereby aids digestion.

Externally, GS can be used as a lotion for skin eruptions and eye affections, and as a general cleansing application. For tired, irritated eyes, prepare a weak tea and use as an eyewash, or saturate a cotton ball and apply on closed eyelids.

Being one of the very few herbal agents that can tone and sustain venous circulation, GS is also a specific in controlling uterine hemorrhaging. 

As a remedy, combine 2 parts GS to 1 part Cranesbill, simmer (covered) for 20min. 

Uva Ursi
Tien Chi
Yellow Dock
Other such uterine hemostatics (astringent herbs that arrests hemorrhaging) include bayberry, blackberry, cayenne, cranesbill, mullein, horsetail, uva ursi, white oak bark, yellow dock, witchhazel and tien chi.

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