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Friday, June 27, 2014

KITCHEN HERBS: Parsley, SesemeSeeds, Marjoram, Rosemary, Celery Seeds

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 . . . . . . Regular readers of my weekly herb column know that we have been discussing how to make small changes in our daily habits so that we can receive huge benefits in our health. We can use herbs to raise our spirits, energy and health. Let's not sit on what we have learned, but instead put it all into practice. A place in our homes that is bursting with healing herbs/foods is the kitchen. The mustard on your table and many of the spices on your shelf come from herbs; most of the vegetables in your salad are herbs; and if you have a yard, many of the plants growing there (whether by your or their own design) are also herbs.Continuing with ways to eliminate toxins from our diet and system, this week we will discuss some foods/spices from the kitchen. 
Hang and dry your own herbs right in your kitchen
(Ask me how)
PARSLEY is used generously (works better when added fresh) in green drinks and with other herbs to fight cancer. An enema of parsley-peach pit (or bark or leaf) tea is useful in stimulating the liver's ability to detoxify. Parsley's high 'histine content' helps inhibit the further growth of most cancer cells. Parsley is also good for the eyes, to dissolve kidney and gallstones, indigestion, scalp problems (lice, ringworm, dandruff) and venomous bites, venereal disease and hypertension.
SESAME SEEDS, being rich in Vit. C, E and calcium – powder and add to soups to fight colds and influenza. Improves eyes (prepare tea with Eyebright and use as eyewash); eat with meals to reduce serum cholesterol in the blood which fights obesity. The seed oil is used externally to fight lice, staph infections, and rubbing on recent scars/incisions helps proud flesh from forming. Because of Sesame seeds nutritional content, taken with meals it can strength the spleen (the organ responsible for generating new blood cells).
SWEET MARJORAM, taken as seasoning and in capsules 2X per day lowers cholesterol; taken as a warm tea rids indigestion; infectious childhood diseases (measles, mumps chicken pox and colic); regulates menses (taken 3-4 days in advance); relieves minor headaches and nervous shakes/hand or limb trembling (strong infusion of herb and flowers take one cup 3-4x daily. 

ROSEMARY, which is often used to season breads and meats, as a tea is useful for bad breath, coughs, headaches and bronchitis (and asthma: made into a syrup with equal parts mullein and coltsfoot); heart stimulant, gas/indigestion, liver tonic, low blood pressure, menopause, nervousness and poor circulation. Rheumatism, premature balding, dandruff, urinary problems and wounds/sores.

Celery Seeds
CELERY SEED(S) tea sipped slowly will improve appetite, relieve hives and hysteria; will ease insomnia taken one-hour before retiring; eases lung congestion (flavor with a little peppermint), good for nervousness/hyperactivity (with equal parts skullcap), rheumatism (with Damiana). 

Stimulant as strong morning tea. Promotes urination and as an external wash/internal douche will relieve itching rashes/venereal disease.

I implore you to make some small changes in your daily living habits to guaranty better health for you and your family, to rejuvenate, regenerate and revitalize your life, health and well 
being. Suggested reading: Natural Cures They Don't Want You to Know About, by Kevin Trudeau.

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