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Thursday, October 16, 2014



FREE Teleconferences on Personal Health & Healing

Would you like to have the ear of a seasoned herbalist, Naturopath and herbal educator to help resolve you health concerns?
I have been a Certified Herbalist for nearly 30 years. I earned my degree from the renown acupuncturist and herbalist Michael & Leslie Tierra in 1986. I've studied at the Mt. Madonna Ashram in California under him, at the Center of the Light in The Berkshires under Mary Kate Jordan, and in Montego Bay, Jamaica under Dr. Bob Vernon of the Poinsetta Herb Gardens. I've studied under a few others, the most recent of which is my completed study of Advanced Naturopathic Certification in 2009 under the famed Dr. Llaila Afrika.

Could you benefit from being able to get a direct answer to a direct question regarding what herbs, foods and/or crystals to use for your ailments?
For many years I've taught people how to access their own power to heal their chakras, emotional issues and those which have flooded over into poor health, poor diet and relationship choices (personal and job). 

Take a deep breath and engage in an informal conversation with me around health issues that we all share.  A conversation in which you can find simple answers and natural remedies.
I have counseled and assisted thousands in my 30 years as an herbal healer and educator, from issues surrounding physical disease and imbalance, emotional and relationship issues (with family, job, partners, etc.) where emotional focus and intent were out of balance or out of control and causing poor health choices; helping people regain control of their own power to make better choices.   

When the door to better health opens, how do you walk through it?

Start by joining us on the Teleconferences, which will be scheduled twice a month on a (1st and 3rd) Sunday afternoon, currently scheduled from 5 - 6pm.  

The content will be an open forum, though I will have a structured agenda. The current format will go for one hour with the last 15 minutes for Q&A. If we decide we'd like two hours with half hour for Q&A, I am open to do that. Once you register/sign up for the Teleconferences, you will receive an email with the dial in number, PIN, brief instructions and the established date/time of the first conference (and subsequent) call(s).  You will also be emailed any charts, handouts or other materials relevant to the subject matter.

All the calls will be recorded, so that once you register for the teleconferences and miss any of them (in whole or in part) for any reason, a copy of the call can still be emailed to you.

Private Healing Circles
The Healing Circles are for men and women who want to make a conscious commitment to take action to improve their health and emotional well being. The Private Healing Circles will be made up of members from the Teleconference Community. Each Circle will consist of 7 members (including myself) who are committed to making conscious choices to "Get, Stay and Live Well." It is a "safe healing forum" of members who want to address their personal challenges with health issues, relationships (job, home, social), weight, stress, and other concerns. I will provide specific herbal formulas and teas for each member's personal needs, counseling on how to heal our emotional wounds via meditation, crystal and chakra healing, how to rejuvenate our organs and improve circulation, and how to improve one's regularity, eliminate fatigue and raise our personal energy by "living in rhythm with the Universe" (actually the name of my 3rd book). 

For the agenda and more detailed information on the New Initiatives, click here to READ MORE .

Many of the participants will probably generate from the Newsletter membership ~ don't lose out on a seat at the Teleconference table . . . . register early and also register for the Newsletter for the other specials and discounts it offers . . . 

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