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Saturday, October 4, 2014

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If you sign up for my Newsletter from this Blog, I will give you a FREE 15-MIN CONSULTATION that will include herbal recommendations for any of your health concerns.

It's not just any Newsletter - here are some of the exceptional topics you can look forward to: Men's  Health, Womb Purity, Understanding Chakras to Heal Your  Emotional Wounds, Healing According to your Zodiac Sign, Develop/Nurture your Children's Chakras/Soul, Kitchen Herbology, Herb of the Month, Crystal of the Month, and Healing Yoga Postures.

In addition to this Newsletter, some of the services I am launching this month include FREE teleconferences, private healing circles, and a FREE monthly Holistic Healing Marketkplace. For further information about these specific products and services click here.

You can be privy to all this . . . just by simply signing up to receive my FREE NEWSLETTER.

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TO GET YOUR FREE MINI-CONSULTATION . . . . Once you sign up for the newsletter, send me an email ( with the words: FREE MINI-CONSULTATION in the subject line.  I will then contact you and set up your private mini-consultation, which will include herbal recommendations for your personal healing.

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