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Sunday, November 16, 2014


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This post encompasses the very essence of all three of my upcoming book(s): 1) INTRO to Herbs are Nature's Medicine; 2) Herbs are Nature's Medicine: Your Handbook for Healing with the Elements; and 3) Living in Rhythm with the Universe: Your Mental, Physical, Spiritual and Emotional Healing with the Elements.

Each one of us can have optimum health 

The basic universal elements (water, wood, fire, earth and metal)* were provided by the Creator as blueprints for understanding the Universe and it's relation to our bodies (water=kidneys/fear, wood=liver/anger, fire=heart/joy, earth=stomach/sympathy and metal=colon/worry), and provided remedies for any and everything that might ail man. The rhythms of the Moon, Sun, Stars as well as the three 8-hour cycles of our day are all cosmically, astrologically and cyclically tied into our very breath, pulsing of our very heart beat, and the life cycles that each of us experience: birth, maturity, aging and death.

In the Earth's 24-hour day, during its three 8-hour cycles, it is 1) eliminating (as we should be by the types of foods and beverages we break-fast with during the hours of 4am and 12noon); 2) nourishing (as defined by the intake of healthy nutritive foods during the hours of 12noon and 8pm) and 3) rejuvenating/resting (as we should be finished all eating and strenuous activities, and begin our rest period during the hours of 8pm and 4am).  It is when we don’t follow the Earth’s rhythm, that we suffer with imbalances and disease, weight challenges and inability to sleep well, irregularity and circulation problems, fatigue and low sexual performance.  Because we consume constipating foods and drinks like white flour produces, animal meats, coffee, sugar drinks, etc. in the morning – when we should be eliminating by consuming WATER, eating eliminating foods (fruits) and drinking fruit beverages - we start our day clogging our circulation, energy and brain function.

The Zodiac signs holds profound personal insight to maintaining optimum health and well-being, if we simply follow it. Since the Moon rules the stomach and digestion, it greatly influences your health and eating habits as well.  Exploring the element of your Moon sign can help reveal your most personal tastes, what works and what troubles you in all-things food. (SOURCE:

The three Air Signs: Gemini (influences our respiratory system), Libra (influences our excretory system) and Aquarius (influences our Meridian System).  Air is the element least connected to the body, and some Air Moon signs literally forget to eat.  Reminding yourself to eat regularly is important, as the typical Air Moon is quite vague about their physical needs.  Focus on smaller meals more frequently, as you don't do well with heavy meals.

The three Fire Signs: Aires (influences our brain and central nervous system), Leo (influences our circulatory system/heart) and Sagittarius (influences our muscular system).  Fire symbolizes heat, so flavorful, spicy foods are preferable for people with Fire Moons. Garlic, ginger and chili pepper add the intensity you crave.  Focus on high-nutrient foods, like fresh fruit and vegetables so you get the maximum energy from the least amount of fuel.  Fire is linked to energy, which come via iron-rich foods, typically meats and dark green vegetables.

The three Water Signs: Cancer (influences our lymphatic system), Scorpio (influences our reproductive system) and Pisces (influences our integumentary** system).  Water is all about feelings, and if you have a Water Moon, you can be a very emotional eater.  If you feel happy, you'll want to share a meal to celebrate with friends.  If you're sad, you can eat in an attempt to drown out your pain.  Good health and eating well comes down to managing your mood.  Explore natural mood-enhancers - such as exercise or wellness therapies like massage or reflexology.  That way you'll rely less on food to soothe you.

And the three Earth Signs: Taurus (influences our endocrine system), Virgo (influences our digestive system) and Capricorn (influences our skeletal system).  Eating based on emotions can be a problem for these Moon signs.  Virgo Moons are especially health sensitive, and processed foods are a no-no for Virgo tummies.  Taurus enjoys the pleasure of eating, and can gravitate toward carbs and high-fat foods.  Capricorn sees foods as a means to an end, and must focus on nutrient-rich foods to make up for a somewhat slow absorption.

And there are herbs, minerals, crystals in the earth to facilitate the healing for all categories of our organs and systems, physical, mental, spiritual and emotional, as outlined above. I have created charts and course curricula to help us live simply and well. Clearly there is a wealth of information to bring you personal healing and bliss, if we just live within the rhythm of the universe.

* Various cultures utilize their knowledge of the power of the forces of nature, but group the elements differently. The Afrikan Universal Elements: Air (represented by the Ntru Hapi and Nbt Ht), Fire (represented by the Ntru Neit and Duamutef), Water (represented by the Ntru Serkhet and Qebsenuf) and Earth (represented by the Ntru Auset and Mset). In our Afrikan culture, the forces of Nature (without vowels) are called Ntr (pronounced Netcher; plural is Netcheru).  Chinese 5 Elements: Water (inherently connected to the kidneys and bladder), Wood (inherently connected to the liver and gall bladder), Fire (inherently connected to the heart and small intestines), Earth (inherently connected to the stomach and spleen) and Metal (inherently connected to the lungs and large intestines). Ayurvedic: Ether, Air, Fire, Water and Earth – are grouped into the 3 Doshas: Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Regardless of how they are grouped and defined in various healing systems, OUR UNDERSTANDING OF THE POWERFUL WISDOM OF THE ELEMENTS DO NOT CHANGE THE HEALING REMEDIES THEY HOLD FOR US IF WE JUST LIVE BY THEM AND USE THEM TO HEAL OURSELVES.
** The integumentary system is the organ system that protects the body from various kinds of damage, such as loss of water or abrasion from outside. The system comprises the skin and its appendages (including hairscalesfeathershooves, and nails). The integumentary system has a variety of functions; it may serve to waterproof, cushion, and protect the deeper tissues, excrete wastes, and regulate temperature, and is the attachment site for sensory receptors to detect pain, sensation, pressure, and temperature. In most terrestrial vertebrates with significant exposure to sunlight, the integumentary system also provides for vitamin D synthesis.


Balancing Herbal Teas for the Chakras Chakra balancing can do much to help you bring harmony, peace and strength to your emotional and spiritual centers. Activation and balance of energy flow in the Chakras allows the body's systems to function optimally with the higher self. The seven chakras function as pathways for energy that flows through subtle channels in the spine and govern the endocrine system. Each Chakra acts a transformer within the body to bring a higher frequency of vibration for purification into the system and healing of negative energies.

Crown Center: calming tonic for all ailments of the mind, emotional disturbances and nervous disorders: mix 1tsp fu ling, ½tsp gotu kola and ¼tsp valerian to any of the mints/chamomile (2tsp) for taste.

Brow Center: combine ½tsp elecampane to 1tsp ginseng and skullcap, serves as food for the nerves; add 2tsp licorice root as a harmonizer - formula is supportive and strengthening to the entire endocrine system.

Throat Center: blend 1tsp bayberry root, ¼tsp cloves, 2tsp licorice, 1tsp sarsaparilla to harmonize the gland that influences every organ, tissue and cell.

Heart Center: to calm the heart center and enhance circulation, add 1tsp hawthorn berries and lotus seeds, ¼tsp black cohosh, 1/8tsp cayenne, ½tsp schizandra berries.

Solar Plexus Center: combine 1tsp each of atractylodes root, dandelion root, prickly ash bark, 1/8tsp golden seal to strengthen personal power, digestion and circulation.

Sacral Center, to enhance creativity/sexuality, combine 2tsp red raspberry, 1tsp each marshmallow, uva ursi and burdock root, ½tsp gravel root, and ¼tsp slippery elm bark.

Base/Spine Center: to rejuvenate the center of the whole body's energy source, drink haritaki water regularly (see website:; combine 1tsp ashwagandha, parsley root, lotus root, and fo ti.


Chakra balancing can do much to help you bring harmony, peace and strength to your emotional and spiritual centers. Our human form is divided/linked into multiple aspects of itself, each with a range of its own frequencies or vibrations. Chakras are energy vortexes in our emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. They lie along a linear pathway (along the spine) from the Crown Chakra to the Root Chakra. Though there are actually 22 chakras (see website:, there are 7 primary basic lower body Chakras (six emotional and one spiritual) that we actually can access on this 3rd Dimension Plane on Planet Earth. Activation and balance of the energy flow in the Chakras allows the body system to be at optimal synergy with the higher self.

The seven core chakras function as pathways for energy that flows through subtle channels in the spine and govern the endocrine system through the etheric body. Each Chakra acts a transformer within the body whose purpose is to bring into the system a higher frequency of vibration for purification and healing of negative energies. There are seven endocrine glands, each with a vibration and color, and one is assigned to each of the seven primary Chakras.


7th Crown Plexus Chakra, is connected to, governs and is governed by the pineal gland, its color is violet/golden white (clear quartz), Enlightenment – Herbs: calamus, nutmeg, gotu kola, valerian

6th Brow Plexus Chakra, is connected to, governs and is governed by the pituitary gland, its color is indigo (amethyst), spiritual awareness, psychic power – Herbs: basil, elecampane, sandalwood, skullcap

5th Throat Plexus Chakra, is connected to, governs and is governed by the thyroid gland, its color is blue (turquoise), communication, Divine Guidance – Herbs: bayberry, cloves, licorice, ajwan

4th Heart Plexus Chakra, is connected to, governs and is governed by the thymus gland, its color is green/pink (rose quartz/unikite), love, Universal Consciousness – Herbs: lotus seeds, cardamom, rose, saffron

3rd Solar Plexus Chakrais connected to, governs and is governed by the pancreas, its color is golden yellow/orange (citrine), intellect, personal power – Herbs: golden seal, cayenne, black pepper, cumin

2nd Sacral Plexus Chakra, is connected to, governs and is governed by the the gonads, its color is deep red (red jasper/carnelian/coral), creativity/sexuality – Herbs: marshmallow, uva ursi, coriander

1st Root/Spine Plexus Chakra, is connected to, governs and is governed by the adrenal glands, its color is black (black tourmaline/obsidian), Stability – Herbs: ashwagandha, haritaki fruit, lotus root