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Saturday, December 27, 2014


Registration is now open at !!
(INSANE Early Bird pricing of $27 ends Jan 3rd)

DETOX BEGINS JAN 10th. No juicing, no fasting, no supplements (optional) ... Yes you eat!!

Register and get ALL info at
Still got more questions??? No problem,  join me on the
LIVE INTRO teleseminar call Mon Dec 29th.  Call in # here:

Please forward to family and friends. I'll have referral incentives! ;-)I will post on FB and Twitter also, so friend me there.  

One Love,
Ayo (Pat) Hinds-Bankole, C.N.H.P.
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Greetings All,
Hope you got to slow down a moment and got to embrace, celebrate, honor, observe the Winter Solstice transition into the light! Yes we will still be in more darkness, but we will start to see more light day by day!  That's the beauty!! :-)
Registration for the Wonderful Winter Detox will begin this week on Dec 24th and as promised here are some testimonies and comments from past "Dynamic Detoxers":
Learned how to eat more green veggies, and even going meatless for a few days, did not think I could do that one. A.Gayle
Before the 7 day detox, my stomach was not the way I like it to be. After n during the program, my stomach became flatter because I cut back on the starches. Brigette M.I felt lighter in my physical body as well as emotionally. I could see that I was detoxing my thoughts and emotions. This program offers great food and support. Diane S.
The program afforded some amazing results. First, I noticed my blood pressure return to a comfortable reading. Next, the meals were so deliciously fulfilling and creatively planned. Finally, I noticed that I took off inches and felt a nice looseness in my clothes. Delores T.
Began to notice my skin looking clearer not sure if that happens but looks different. There is so much information when trying to live healthy that I did not consider. I'm so glad I joined. :-)  Anna S.
I have energy, am sleeping better, eliminating more and am feeling even more positive. ...taking this detox journey was most beneficial to me. Thanks again for introducing me to this the world of detoxing and healthy eating! Angela K.
So I'm getting excited and looking forward to more testimonies, transformations, and enlightenment!!
Registration opens Wed Dec 24th
(INSANE Early Bird pricing of $27 ends Jan 3rd)
LIVE intro conference call Mon Dec 29th
[new format, new guest speakers! ... call in info at]