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Saturday, September 20, 2014

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I am excited about inviting you to join our Newsletter Community.  The Sacred Healing 7 Herb Center has been around for over 30 years.  I taught my very first "Herbs are Nature's Medicine" herb course in July of 1987 at the TRS Professional Suite (they used to be on 30th Street off 5th Avenue in Manhattan, and have recently moved to the Wall Street area).  As in life ~ we all must change ~ and the Herb Center is also growing and expanding, and you are in for some exciting NEW programs, services, discounts and FREE Give-Aways.

It is evident to me that in my Life's Path I have always been wired to serve.  To this end, as a herbal practitioner and educator, I am now about to self-publish my first (of three) book(s), INTRO to Herbs are Nature's Medicine, (see book's cover to the right).

This month I have launched a series of new services, programs, products, and discounts for recipients of this DYNAMIC NEWSLETTER.  Here are some of the articles and subject matter you can expect in the coming months: Men's  Health, Womb Purity, Understanding Chakras to Heal Your  Emotional Wounds, Healing According to your Zodiac Sign, Develop/Nurture your Children's Chakras/Soul, Kitchen Herbology, Herb of the Month, Crystal of the Month, and Healing Yoga Postures.

The October 1st Issue will contain a video by the reknown healer: Dr. Llaila Afrika (African Holistic Health) on healing Diabetes! You don't want to miss out on that!

In addition to this Newsletter, some of the services I am launching this month include FREE teleconferences, private healing circles, FREE monthly Holistic Healing Marketkplace where you can get a FREE mini-consultation from me with the Newsletter's Coupon. For further information about these specific products and services click here.

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Four Black ‘Geniuses’ Included in MacArthur Fellowship Class of 2014

The 2014 recipients of the MacArthur Fellowship were announced Wednesday morning, and the new class included four African-American visionaries whose works have had major impacts on today’s society.
The MacArthur Grant is commonly referred to as the “genius” grant and gives each of its recipients $625,000, which is paid out in equal quarterly installments over the course of five years.
One of the major perks of the fellowship money is that there are no restrictions on how its recipients are allowed to use it.
The MacArthur Foundation deemed 21 individuals worthy of the “genius” grant, including four African-Americans.
Steve Coleman, a 57-year-old jazz composer and saxophonist from Allentown, Pennsylvania, was one of those recipients.
Steve Coleman practices in his backyard in Allentown, Penn.
According to the MacArthur Foundation website, Coleman’s musical talents are “expanding the expressive and formal possibilities of spontaneous composition.”
His improvised performances are truly unique as they update “iconic musical idioms in the creative traditions of luminaries like John Coltrane and Charlie Parker by infusing them with melodic, rhythmic and structural components inspired by music of the larger African Diaspora, as well as from the continents of Africa, Eurasia and the Americas.”
In addition to his incredible musical abilities, the MacArthur Foundation also celebrated Coleman’s generosity.
Throughout his career, Coleman has been adamant about giving back to the community and mentoring those who need him.
Terrance Hayes, a 42-year-old poet from Pittsburgh.
The writing professor at the University of Pittsburgh crafts incredible poems that dive deep into issues of race and gender.
His poems have also taken a closer look at family structures in America and provided rhythmic commentary on current events.
One of his notable works, according to the MacArthur Foundation website, is Arbor for Butch.
The poem “plays off of pecha kucha, a Japanese business presentation format in which twenty images connected to a single theme are narrated for twenty seconds each.”
The websites goes on to explain that Hayes used this form along with sculptures of Martin Puryear to do something truly innovative with his poetry.
“Hayes links the visual with the sonic and the lyrical in an affecting consideration of what it means to be a father and a son,” the website added.
Then there is artist Rick Lowe of Houston.
The unconventional 53-year-old artist’s latest project is transforming an entire neighborhood.
A long-neglected neighborhood in Houston serves as his canvas for what has become an inspiring public art project.
Lowe teamed up with other artists to restore a block and a half of “derelict properties – twenty-two shotgun houses from the 1930s. – in Houston’s predominantly African American Third Ward and turned them into Project Row Houses.”
The Project Row Houses now don a community support center and several art venues.
The project brought new life to the neighborhood and led Lowe to launch similar projects in other cities across the U.S.
Those cities include Los Angeles, New Orleans and North Dallas.
Lastly, the 2014 class of MacArthur Fellows welcomed Jennifer L. Eberhardt.
Eberhardt’s passions are not rooted in the arts.
Eberhardt is a 49-year-old social psychologist from Stanford, California, and an associate professor at Stanford University.
Social psychologist Jennifer Eberhardt, a professor at Stanford University, was named Wednesday as one of 21 people to receive a "genius grant" from the Chicago-based MacArthur Foundation for her work to improve the Oakland Police Department's relationship with the black community. - AP PHOTO/COURTESY JOHN D. AND CATHERINE T. MACARTHUR FOUNDATION
Eberhardt has been “investigating the subtle, complex, largely unconscious yet deeply imagined ways that individuals racially code and categorize people.”
Her work focuses mainly on connections to race and crime.
Eberhardt has been able to give the world concrete proof that stereotypic associates between race and crime have had a major impact on the way minorities are treated by police and sentenced for crimes.
She is now working closely with law enforcement agencies to “design interventions to improve policing and to help them build and maintain trust with the communities they serve.”

Thursday, September 18, 2014

YOU CAN BALANCE your heart rate, cholesterol, weight, energy, menstrual regularity, and memory.

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The thyroid gland produces hormones that influence every organ, tissue and cell, affecting your heart rate, cholesterol levels, body weight, energy level, muscle strength, skin condition, menstrual regularity and many more events that go on in your body.

Picture of Human Thyroid Gland

The thyroid is a butterfly-shaped gland that sits at the base of our neck. The word “thyroid” comes from the Greek word for “shield,” and this powerful little gland is truly one of our great defenders, as it orchestrates an intricate web of essential interactions in the body. 

The thyroid produces thyroid hormone, which is a like a master switch of your body. Every single cell in the body has thyroid hormone receptors found on its DNA.

Here is my formula of herbs that produce a healing affect on the many body functions that the thyroid is in charge of.  The chemical constituents of this combination of herbs provides natural hormone-balancing-like-substances useful for: the change of life, adolescence, maturity, sterility, frigidity, forgetfulness, anemia, general weakness and tiredness, and is for general glandular balance.

Two parts each of dong quai, ginseng; one part licorice, black cohosh, sarsaparilla, kelp, ginger root; 1/2 part golden seal and lobelia.  Powder the herbs and take 2 capsules 3x daily.

Here are 5 things you might not know about the thyroid:
1. The thyroid is the central gear in your body’s metabolism.  

Thyroid function intimately impacts the basal metabolic rate, cardiovascular system, bone metabolism, hormone production, glucose metabolism, red blood cell production, protein metabolism, cholesterol metabolism, gastrointestinal function, liver function, gall bladder and brain function. To keep your body in top condition, make sure that your thyroid is working optimally.

2. The thyroid gland is vulnerable to toxins. 

Many known environmental disrupters such as heavy metals, pesticides and plastic compounds promote goiter activity and can wreak havoc on the thyroid. Think twice before eating foods sprayed with pesticides and using plastics- it might hurt your thyroid.

3. Medications can disrupt thyroid hormone metabolism. 

Thyroid physiology is vulnerable to cross-reactions with many medications including anti-inflammatory medications, antibiotics, antidepressants, cholesterol-lowering medications, antacids, pain medications, and diabetes medications. Talk to your doctor about the potential side effects that your prescription medications can have on your thyroid. 
4. Thyroid hormones influence the immune system. 

Thyroid hormones exhibit influences on cellular messenger systems that affect T and B cell activity, cell death, and many other immune system functions. Think about your thyroid the next time that you are fighting a cold--it’s fighting with you! Make sure that your Vitamin D levels are optimal, as vitamin D is one of the main regulators of a healthy immune system.   

5. Many vitamins and minerals are necessary for proper thyroid metabolism. 

Vitamin A, selenium, the B vitamins, iodine, and vitamin D, and zinc are some of the vitamins and minerals that are necessary to ensure healthy thyroid function. To optimize your thyroid’s health make sure that you eat a balanced diet that includes the vitamins and minerals needed to keep the thyroid in tip-top shape.


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Monday, September 15, 2014

Healthy Shiitake Sautéed Mushroom Recipe

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by Dr. Mercola

Mushrooms are certainly one of the most delicious types of fungi, but they're also among the most medicinal. About 100 species of mushrooms are being studied for their health-promoting benefits, and about a half dozen really stand out for their ability to deliver a tremendous boost to your immune system.
You really can't go wrong with any of the edible mushrooms, as they are rich in protein, fiber, vitamin C, B vitamins, calcium, and minerals, along with being excellent sources of antioxidants.
Mushrooms contain polyphenols and selenium, which are common in the plant world, as well as antioxidants that are unique to mushrooms (like ergothioneine, which scientists are now beginning to recognize as a "master antioxidant").
That being said, if you're looking for the ultimate mushroom in terms of nutrition and flavor, the shitake mushroom may be king. Famous for their rich smoky flavor, shiitake mushrooms are said to have more than 10 times the flavor as white button mushrooms and they're known as a symbol of longevity in Asia because of their many health-promoting properties.1

7-Minute Recipe: Healthy Shiitake Sautéed Mushrooms

Shiitake mushrooms are easy to prepare and their robust flavor complements many dishes, like chicken or wild-caught fish. The recipe below, from The George Mateljan Foundation, takes just minutes to make, and will add valuable nutrients to your meal.2
Healthy Sautéed Shiitake Mushrooms
  • 1 lb. fresh sliced shiitake mushrooms (ideally organic)
  • 3 Tbsp. low-sodium chicken or vegetable broth
  • 2 cloves garlic, chopped
  • 2 Tbsp. extra virgin olive oil
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • Optional: 2 Tbsp. each of fresh rosemary, oregano, or feta cheese
  1. Chop garlic and let sit for 5 minutes to enhance its health-promoting properties.
  2. Remove stems from mushrooms and slice.
  3. Heat broth in a stainless steel skillet. When broth begins to steam, add mushrooms and cover for 3 minutes.
  4. Remove skillet cover and let mushrooms cook for 4 more minutes.
  5. Toss with olive oil and season with salt and pepper and whatever optional ingredients desired.

Serves 2

What Makes Shiitake Mushrooms So Healthy?

Shiitake mushrooms (Lentinula edodes) are a popular culinary mushroom used in dishes around the world. They contain a number of health-stimulating agents, including lentinan, the polysaccharide for which it was named.
Lentinan has been isolated and used to treat stomach and other cancers due to its anti-tumor properties, but has also been found to protect your liver,3 relieve other stomach ailments (hyperacidity, gallstones, and ulcers), anemia, ascites, and pleural effusion.
One of the more remarkable scientific studies demonstrating shiitake's antitumor effect was a Japanese animal study,4 in which mice suffering from sarcoma were given shiitake extract.
Six of 10 mice had complete tumor regression, and with slightly higher concentrations all 10 mice showed complete tumor regression. Shiitake mushrooms also demonstrate:
Reduced atherosclerosis5Antiviral (including HIV, hepatitis, and the "common cold") effectsAntibacterial effects
Antifungal effectsBlood sugar stabilizationReduced platelet aggregation
Cholesterol-lowering properties6
In another study, adding one or two servings of dried shiitake mushrooms was found to have a beneficial, modulating effect on immune system function.7 The compound lentinan in shiitake mushrooms has been found to increase the survival rate of cancer patients.8
And, in fact, in Japan the top two forms of alternative medicine used by cancer patients are a mushroom called Agaricus subrufescens (aka Agaricus blazeiand Agaricus brasiliensis) and shiitake mushroom extract.9

The Mushroom Advantage: 4 Healthy Mushroom Varieties

If there's a certain type of edible mushroom that you enjoy, feel free to indulge, as they all have unique benefits. According to Steve Farrar, who has studied mushrooms professionally for the last three decades, Americans consume about 900 million pounds of mushrooms a year, but 95 percent of that is just one species: the common button mushroom and its relatives, the Crimini and the Portabello mushrooms.
Granted, the button mushroom is an excellent low-calorie food, especially for diabetics. It contains a number of valuable nutrients, including protein, enzymes, B vitamins (especially niacin), and vitamin D2.
However, there are many other types of mushrooms worthy of consideration if you want to improve your diet, including shiitake, reishi, cordyceps, turkey tail, and Himematsutake. You can learn more about these four healthy mushroom varieties in the infographic below.


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Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Sept 3rd Newsletter Launch was A GREAT SUCCESS!!! Sign Up NOW to Receive Your Copy


The building my platform of interested readers for the release of my new book is coming along splendidly.  Thanks to your support and forwarding and sharing of my Posts.  I'm glad the content has been of interest to you.
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Here is a piece of one of the launch articles on Men's Health:

THE PROSTATE - is a male gland located just below the bladder, in front of the rectum. It surrounds the first inch of the urethra (the tube through which urine and sperm exit the body). The prostate gland can become inflamed (prostatitis), enlarged (causing a sensation of fullness in the rectum) or infected, causing backache, impairment of sexual potency, frequent and/or burning/discomfort/pain upon urination, recurring flare-ups and sometimes a slight discharge or blood in the urine. If you begin to experience any of these symptoms, READ MORE for a few recommendations of herbal formulas that you can take in tea or capsule form to raise your body's natural healing energy.

Here is a list of some of the herbs that treat a variety of these symptoms: Ginseng, fenugreek, parsley, oats, pumpkin seeds, kelp, melilot, bee pollen, buchu leaves, juniper berries, saw palmetto berries, echinacea, golden seal, chaparral, wild yam root, sarsaparilla, yellow dock, yarrow, mullein, horsetail.

By now you all know that I am an herbal practitioner and educator, and have been an herbal practitioner and educator for over 30 years; as well as a seasoned martial arts student and teacher, and writer of an herb column for over five years.  As an author about to self-publish my first book, I just launched my new Newsletter (which was a GREAT SUCCESS with a 100% open rate) in which I've offered upcoming teleconferences, free gifts for joining our private member healing circle, and me possibly doing public TV/RADIO shows and health promotions and givaways!!!

Here's another piece of one of the articles from the first Newsletter on "Womb Purity:"

Herbs are used in women's health to regulate hormones, reduce water retention, elevate mood, and reduce pain and cramping and are used to treat menstrual problems such as PMS, heavy bleeding, skipped periods, excessive bleeding, and menopause. Pregnancy and natural childbirth are also supported by herbal remedies.

There are many herbs that a woman can choose from in treating menopausal symptoms, and the best one is very much dependent upon each individuals body chemistry and temperament.
Herbs that bring on menstrual flow when there is delayed menstruation for are known as emmenagogue's.  Some emmenagogues are Pennyroyal, Juniper Berries, Myrrh, Black Cohosh, Rue, Angelica and Wild Ginger.
Taking herbs before the onset of your period not only address the physical symptoms, and the underlying hormonal imbalance, but comfort the emotional upset as well. Some of the root causes of PMS are a high estrogen-to-progesterone ratio; stress: which causes increased cortisol and a disruption in sodium metabolism (causing fluid retention and bloating); carbohydrate metabolism and nutritional deficiencies. Some of the herbs that address PMS are chaste berry, evening primrose, Peppermint, Black Cohosh, Dong Quai, Angelica, St. Johnswort,  Maca, Lemon Balm, wild Yam, Burdock and Ginkgo
Heavy Menses
Heavy menstrual bleeding, clotting or irregular bleeding are come under the heading of menorrhagia. Serious bleeding can be a sign of uterine cancer or a fibrous growth, and should be diagnosed by a medical professional without delay. Some herbs that fall into . . . . Childbirth and pregnancy: READ MORE

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