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Saturday, October 25, 2014

DO YOU KNOW HOW TO: Heal your Children's Chakras; To Detox or Not To Detox . . . DID YOU CATCH THESE ARTICLES???

In the event you have not yet signed up for the "Herbs are Nature's Medicine Newsletter," at the end of this Post I have included information about the Newsletter contents and a link to Opt In and sign up for the Newsletter.  If you sign up before the next Issue is published, there is also a link to access the Archived issues you clearly have missed, as well as a link to purchase Haritaki Seeds.  Here are a few excerpts from the Oct 15th Issue:

excerpt from: Healing your Children's Chakras

"From the moment we conceive our children, we begin to shape and mold their minds, hearts and character. Because they actually inherit our genes, this transference of "us" begins even before the sperm meets the egg. The way we think, eat, how we are educated, our spiritual belief system, and how we relate to family and friends is all established as THEIR "frame of reference" once they are born. They inherit our weaknesses as well as our strengths, our hatred as well as our concepts of love (of SELF and others).

". . . . . . . So our job begins in the womb as we begin to birth and raise our children's chakras and souls to be balanced and fully energized and accessible to them as a source of emotional and spiritual healing. For the developing fetus, the uterus is the first experience of body, the first home and environment, and the ground of being from which life emerges. For this reason this environment has an important and often overlooked influence on first chakra development.

The period to develop a child's 1st Root Chakra is during the 2nd trimester to 12 months. The Root Chakra is the source of our life force and forms the vital foundation for all the higher chakras, and is located at the base of the spine (coccyx). In the first few months of life your nervous system responds instinctively. Your consciousness is not developed enough to block any flow of energy. You are utterly open, as you have
not yet learned to filter out anything unwanted. Your infant body is literally flooded with aliveness or charge. It is from this state that you form your first chakra and the very beginnings of self. This chakra aids us in our everyday survival, and is actually the basis of both our masculine and feminine energies. . . . . . . . . 

excerpt from: You Asked Me . . .

 a column where I answer people's questions about their personal health issues/concerns:

THAT is the Question.

Greetings Family, often people call or write and ask me what herbs/diet do I suggest for a safe detox.

My question to them is "Do you REALLY need to detox?"

"Detoxing" has become popular, but do they work? And what are you trying to accomplish? You might lose weight on a detox diet, because they're usually very low in calories.

But the idea that your body needs help getting rid of toxins has "no basis in human biology," says Frank Sacks, MD, of the Harvard School of Public Health.

Your organs and immune system are designed to handle those duties, no matter what you eat.

Plus, you're likely to lose weight and gain it back when you go off any extreme diet. Some detox regimens involve fasting, or just drinking liquids. Others allow some foods, like fruits and vegetables. They typically are short diets -- not a way of eating you can stick with in the long run.

If the idea of detoxing appeals to you, try "clean" eating that focuses on vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and lean protein -- basically, whole foods without without a lot of processed foods. Some detox plans recommend herbs, pills, powders, enemas, and other forms of colon cleansing.

My general position on detoxing is that if a person is suffering from a chronic illness or degenerative disease, then detoxing is imperative to facilitate the body's need to eliminate harmful toxins, diseased cells and introduce concentrated foods to replace and rejuvenate new life-giving cell growth. . . . . . . cont'd

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I am excited about inviting you to join our Newsletter Community.  The Sacred Healing 7 Herb Center has been around for over 30 years.  I taught my very first "Herbs are Nature's Medicine" herb course in July of 1987 at the TRS Professional Suite (they used to be on 30th Street off 5th Avenue in Manhattan, and have recently moved to the Wall Street area).  As in life ~ we all must change ~ and the Herb Center is also growing and expanding, and you are in for some exciting NEW programs, services, discounts and FREE Give-Aways.

It is evident to me that in my Life's Path I have always been wired to serve.  To this end, as a herbal practitioner and educator, I am now about to self-publish my first (of three) book(s), INTRO to Herbs are Nature's Medicine, (see book's cover to the right).

In September I launched a series of new services, programs, products, and discounts for recipients of this DYNAMIC NEWSLETTER.  Here are some of the articles and subject matter you can expect in the coming months: Men's  Health, Womb Purity, Understanding Chakras to Heal Your  Emotional Wounds, Healing According to your Zodiac Sign, Develop/Nurture your Children's Chakras/Soul, Kitchen Herbology, Herb of the Month, Crystal of the Month, and Healing Yoga Postures.

In addition to this Newsletter, some of the services I have launched include FREE teleconferences, private healing circles, FREE monthly Holistic Healing Marketkplace where you can get a FREE mini-consultation from me with the Newsletter's Coupon. For further information about these specific products and services click here.

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Zakiyyah MaaKheper-Ast
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The ONE HERB good for Nursing Moms, Mastitis Irregular/Painful Menses, Liver Disorders/Hepatitis

Having a special affinity for the Liver, spleen and nervous system, Vervain
is an extemely versatile herb.

HERBS ARE NATURE'S MEDICINE . . . A very potent herb that is not very well known and seldom used is VERVAIN. Because it has an affinity for the liver, spleen and nervous system, it relieves conditions of liver disorders, irregular and painful menses, as an emmenagogue it increases milk in nursing moms and relieves mastitis as well.

It also has very strong healing properties as an anticancer herb, antiscrofulous (TB of neck lymph nodes), antispasmodic, astringent, bitter, emetic, emmenagogue, febrifuge (reduces fever), nervine and stomachic.

Other medicinal uses include congestion, depression, migraines, nerve/back pain, rheumatoid arthritis, jaundice and gout; and the infusion is used to help pass kidney stones and for infections of the bladder.

The above ground part of Vervain is used in a tea for acute symptoms of colds, flu and fevers. For nervousness caused by liver congestion, anger, shock (all symptoms resulting from an unbalanced Wood Element comprising the liver and gall bladder), a powerful tea can be made by combining equal parts vervain, skullcap, camomile, valerian, Oregon grape root and ginger. Use a natural sweetener only and drink 3 cups daily. To relieve symptoms of PMS, add chaste berries to the above formula.

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Friday, October 24, 2014

Book Update

Greetings Family, this is to keep you updated on my first books' progress.  It seems the more I write, the more I learn (about myself, actually), even after 30 years of teaching. But that's good because the book is for ALL people who need healing ~ and that certainly does not exclude me.

From my very first class, in 1987, my teaching of herbology has been rooted in helping people to under-stand the "nature" of the elements in nature. Aside from just being Ether, Air, Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal, I felt it was critical to your under-standing how the elements correlate to each of your organs and their impact on your health and well being.  The book(s) (and my classes) are structured to help you understand the real process of disease and our actual complicity in it, and how, when we understand the role the elements play in our optimum functioning, we become armed with the knowledge and power to affect a healing change.  This power rests with OURSELVES, not necessarily us having to seek a doctor or resort to drugs or medications.  Of course there is a place for doctors and medications.  I see doctors regularly and am on medication. 

My point is that WE are our first line of defense.  WE hold in our hands, the ability to ward off disease, to remedy solutions with healing foods, herbs and lifestyle choices, and to eliminate disease from our life forever!


My book, "INTRO Herbs Are Nature's Medicine" is a comprehensive introductory peek into how you, me, the Earth (and all that is on/in it), and the Universe are one!  The intent of the book is to help you to understand in depth, why and how the elements act in your body, and when they don't act in a balanced and harmonious manner, if you can understand why, it would enable you to remedy your bouts of illness and dis-ease. It reveals how our multifaceted, multi-layered being is interconnected: the five senses are connected to the organs are connected to the emotions are connected to the chakras are connected to the endocrine glands. Once you understand and accept that "As It Is Above ~ So It Is Below" is the foundation of our Being, and that healing involves the mind, body, spirit and emotions, your life will be easier to maintain a balanced health and well being!

In the last issue of the Newsletter, I did a small piece on understanding the Elements.  I would recommend that you access it in the Archives (at the bottom of the Newsletter) or simply go back and re-read it.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Article on the hazards of Wi-Fi and the developing brain of children

Greetings . . . a dear friend of mine sent me an email that I think is of critical importance.

From: Robert J. Woodbine <>

Dear Colleagues, Students and Friends,

                I received and article from an online parent’s magazine I subscribe to highlighting the hazards of Wi-Fi to the developing brains and health of children: Please read it and determine its relevance to the those children and grandchildren in your care. Pass it on through your network if you decide it is valuable.
Dr. Robert J. Woodbine, N.D., M.Ac.O.M.
Wellness Educator, Director
URBAN Qi Foundation, Inc.