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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Herbs for Prostate Treatment plus BONUS 5min VIDEO

Prostate cancer is the most common and second leading type of cancer death in men, after lung cancer. There is not enough known about what causes prostate cancer and how to prevent it. Yet the disease is treatable if found in early stages.

This can be a challenge, since prostate cancer can show no symptoms until it has spread to other parts of the body. Stay ahead of the game – get an annual checkup (plus prostate screening).

Here are some herbs that you can use to treat a variety of these symptoms: Ginseng, fenugreek, parsley, oats, pumpkin seeds, kelp, melilot, bee pollen, buchu leaves, juniper berries, echinacea, golden seal, chaparral, sarsaparilla, wild yam root, yellow dock, yarrow, mullein, horsetail.

For urinary tract infection: Black walnut bark-1/4pt, buchu leaves-1pt, chaparral-1/2pt, echinacea-1/4pt, hawthorn berries-1/4pt, wild yam root-1/4pt, marshmallow-1/2pt.

For prostate cancer: buchu leaves-1pt, juniper berries-1/4pt, echinacea-1/2pt, golden seal-1/4pt, chaparral-1pt, kelp-1/2pt, sarsaparilla-1pt, wild yam root-1/4pt, yellow dock-1pt, yarrow-1/2pt, black walnut bark-1/2pt. Painful urination: buchu leaves-1pt, juniper berries-1/2pt, marshmallow-1pt, parsley-1/2pt, yarrow-1/2pt.

CAUTION – do not take juniper berries if you have any type of kidney disease or infection.

Male Anatomy of Reproduction: The Prostate
Men younger than 50 who have a bladder infection should see a doctor to determine the cause (since it is so rare).  Men over 50 with recurring bladder infections most likely need to address their prostate health while also dealing with the acute infection.

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