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Saturday, November 12, 2016


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Nov 16-20, 2016

The Robert Treat Hotel

50 Park Place, Newark, New Jersey 07102


Assess the Implications of the 2016 Presidential Election for Black America and the Pan African World.
Intensify the U.S. and Global Movements for Reparatory Justice as Part of the U.N. Decade for People of African Descent.
Strengthen Bonds of Cultural, Social, Economic and Political Unity Between Africa and the Diaspora.
Offer Analyses of the Crises that Afflict Black Families, Communities and Nations and Examine Strategies, Initiatives and Models for Healing and Black Empowerment.
Promote Principled Cooperation, Collaboration and Unity Among Black Leaders, Movements, Organizations, Institutions and Agencies to Enhance Global Black Empowerment.
Promote Cross -Generational Dialogue and Engagement to Enhance the Black Freedom Struggle.
Strengthen the Institute of the Black World 21st Century as a Good Faith Facilitator and Resource Center Promoting a Culture of Collaboration for Healing and Black Empowerment.

Overview of Conference Issue Area Plenary Sessions and Tracts

Each Town Hall Meeting, Issue/Area Plenary and Working Session Tract will discuss the subject matter within the context of the concept of Racial Healing and Collaboration for Black Empowerment broadly defined. The goal is for each session to address the critical need to heal and repair Black families, communities and nations from the centuries, generations and ongoing damages inflicted by enslavement, colonialism, segregation, discrimination, racial violence, repression, oppression, exploitation … as a consequence of white supremacy and structural/institutional racism.
Equally important, each session is intended to seriously explore how to draw on the cultural, spiritual, historical and institutional strengths and assets of people of African descent to enhance or devise collaborative strategies and models for Black empowerment. No matter the topic or issue area, we must answer the questions of how do we learn from our history and each other, and how do we work collectively to build free, wholesome, just and humane families, communities and nations. Accordingly, recommendations for action should be based on the guidelines employed for State of the Black World Conference III: What is it that we as people of African descent must do internally to achieve healing and empowerment? What is it that we must demand of private institutions, e.g., financial institutions and businesses that benefit from Black resources? And, what should we demand of government and public agencies as taxpayers?
There will be a Plenary Session for each of the Issue Areas listed below and a seven hour Working Session Tract dedicated to each Issue Area on the fourth day (Saturday) of the Conference.
Rick Adams,
Chairman, Institute of the Black World 21st Century

Description of Issue Area Plenary Sessions and Tracts

Pan African Institute and Reparations: Will bring together leaders, scholars, activists, advocates and concerned participants to assess the internal and external challenges of building socially responsible nations/societies in the post-colonial era and opportunities to enhance or build transnational collaborations, networks and movements for self-determination, democracy and development. The continuing onslaught of neo-colonialism; crises of ethnic tensions/conflict;the growth of vibrant civil society movements for reform; the rapidly expanding global movement for reparatory justice;the role of multi-lateral bodies like the African Union and CARICOM; and, the role and responsibility of the African Diaspora are among the topics/issues that will be discussed.
Religion, Spirituality and Liberation: Will discuss the vital role of faith-based institutions in advancing the Black Freedom Struggle historically, the building and support of independent Black institutions and the power of religion and spirituality as inspirational and motivational forces in healing Black families and communities. Organizations, institutions and movements that exemplify the practical application of Black Liberation Theology and the prophetic faith tradition will be examined as models for addressing the crises of Black families, communities and nations.
Culture and Education for Black Survival and Development: Will discuss the importance of an African-centered framework as the foundation for Black/African identity and the preservation and development of the Black family, Black institutions, communities and nations. Models and strategies for controlling the education of Black youth, students and children and the creative use of Black art and culture, including hip hop, as a liberating force are among the issues that will be discussed.
Mobilizing/Organizing Hip Hop Activists and Cultural Workers for Black Empowerment: Consistent with the theme of SOBWC IV, this session will convene socially conscious Hip Hop Activists, Rap Activists and Cultural Workers to discuss a racial justice/social justice agenda and engage in a cross-generation dialogue on utilizing art, culture and activism to promote Black empowerment in the U.S. and the Pan African world.
Beyond the War on Drugs: Healing Black Families and Repairing Black Communities: Will discuss the intensifying movement for transformative change in criminal justice and policing policies and practices and proposals to heal and repair the damages inflicted on Black families and communities by the War on Drugs and racially-biased criminal justice policies.
Economic Development for Black Empowerment: Will examine existing and promising models and movements for economic/business development which have the potential to substantially enhance the empowerment of Black people. Economic sanctions/boycotts and Buy Black Campaigns to develop and advance Black interests will also be discussed.
Sustaining and Enhancing the Black Family: Will assess the crucial role of African-centered Black professional organizations in devising and implementing strategies, policies and practices to heal and strengthen Black families as foundational to wholesome and humane Black communities and nations. Emancipation Healing Circles, the internal crises of fratricide and murders in Black communities and the need for disaster preparedness, relief strategies and environmental justice are among the areas that will be discussed.



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From: Gahl Sasson <>
Sent: Monday, November 7, 2016 9:15 PM
Subject: SuperMoon on Nov 14 - Once in Decades Event!

On November 14, the Moon will be very intimate with her soulmate, planet earth. In fact, the Moon will be so close to us that she would appear 14% bigger and 30% brighter than usual. Supermoons happen every so often, but this one is a cosmic acasuality. The Moon will be full right when she is at the closest orbit to earth (called apogee). Here is what NASA has to say:

"This month’s is especially ‘super’ for two reasons: it is the only supermoon this year to be completely full, and it's the closest moon to Earth since 1948...The moon won’t be this super again until 2034."

Dora Mandragora, Fullmoon on Psychedelic Hill

Taurus SuperMoon
Not only Nov 14th lunation is a SuperMoon but it also happen to be in Taurus, the sign of exaltation. In other words, the moon will enjoy its best hospitality and therefore she would be able to bestow on us her best cosmic rays. She will show us her full glory and glamour. Goddess know we need this now! We can all do with some nutriment, financial help, a boost of self-worth, and a connection to our talents and values, all aspects ruled by the Moon in Taurus.  Imagine the moon being our mother and now she decided she must come the closest she has been for decades to give us a celestial hug. Kind of "come to mama," moment to make the boo-boo go away and reassure us that "everything gonna be alright." 

Pluto and Chrion
To make this Full Moon even more auspicious as well as benevolent, are the trine aspect to Pluto and the sextile to Chiron. These two aspects which originate from sacred geometry, are associated with doors opening and flow of energy. Pluto relates to power, sexuality, death and transformation, finance, and the ability to manifest. Chiron, the wounded healer, represents healing, technology and teaching.  When these two heavenly bodies send such good aspects to the moon, it enhances her influence and colors the message she is sending our way. After all, we are now in the realm of Scorpio and indeed, Pluto, is the ruler of Scorpio. This makes November 14th a full supermoon on steroids, or maybe on estrogen...

Processes Come to Completion
Full moons represent an end of a process. Perhaps the Full moon, taking place a week after the scariest US election in history, will mark the end of the contention over the results. But in our personal life, it can help shed whatever blocks us from expressing our sexuality, intimacy, our talents and values. This coming Full Moon is arguably the most powerful full moon of our lives. She can help us shine the light we need in order to dive deep into our shadow (Chiron) and retrieve our gifts, talents and hidden abilities. Pay attention to complements in the next few days as people around you might channel the High Priestess (Tarot card of the moon), and give you a glimpse at your gifts and talents that could translate in the future to sources of income.

The Moon in Taurus - Six of Pentacles.
As we saw earlier, the Nov 14th Full Moon is in Taurus. The Tarot card for the Moon in Taurus is the Six of Pentacles or Six of Diamonds, also called Success. The teaching of Taurus, which we can all download in the next week is: Talents + Self Worth = Money. If you believe in your talent you will be able to translate them into abundance and prosperity. And one should listen to Taurus, the Bull, in matters of money. After all, when the market goes up, we call it a Bull Market.

Wherever you are in the planet, have a great Full SuperMoon and hope to see you soon in person, in dream, or in the astral realms...

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Saturday, October 1, 2016


~  Catch-Me-if-You-Can  ~


October 15th

October 22nd
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Image result for women on the rise expo



Taking herbs for various WOMEN'S LIFE CYCLES are very important, and easy, to creating a balanced and harmonious lifestyle.  Our bodies go through such profound changes during pregnancy/childbirth, the comfort and ease of getting pregnant, carrying during pregnancy, and then labor, can be facilitated with herbs specifically suited for the woman's feminine essence. 

Every woman should drink red raspberry tea regularly.  It is a specific tonic herb for the woman’s entire reproductive system, regardless of your age (after the onset of the menses).

Preparing herbal teas: different parts of the herbs are handled according to their softness (yin) or hardness (yang).  Yin parts of herbs are the leaves and flowers.  Because they are soft and delicate, they should not be boiled – as that would destroy the medicinal components in the herbs because they would be destroyed in the aggressive boiling.  Instead, you should boil the water and then add the herbs to the pot, (always covered).  Then remove from the flame, and allow to simmer for twenty minutes.  Or, if you put the herbs in a cup, add the boiling water, cover the tea cup and allow the herbs to sit for twenty minutes.  Yang herbs, on the other hand, are the roots, barks, and stems, and need aggressive stimulation in order for the therapeutic properties to be released.  These harder, woody parts should be cut, chopped or sliced, added to the boiling water, covered, and allowed to boil for twenty minutes.  Then remove the pot from the flame and allow it to remain sitting for another twenty minutes.  If the formula you make or purchase includes a combination of yin and yang herb parts, you would simply add the formula to the boiling water, covered, and allow the formula to boil for only five minutes or so.  This would not destroy the yin herbs, and it would stimulate the yang herbs.  Remove from the flame, and allow the formula to steep another twenty minutes, still covered.  To sweeten, NEVER use sugar.  Raw honey would be best, as well as a number of other natural sweeteners, but never sugar.

INFUSIONS are awesome.  They are more potent and really simple to make.  You take the same herb(s), put them in a quart jar, add boiling water, cap tightly and let sit overnight.  I like to sit mine overnight and put some honey in the bottom of the jar before adding the herbs or hot water – that way it’s already sweetened.  Or let sit for four or more hours.  Then you can sip/drink the tea all day.  The tea doesn’t have to be scalding hot when you drink it.  It can be warm or room temperature, but it should definitely not be cold.  When you make large amounts, it can be refrigerated (strained) for three days.

Last year I found myself in the ER with a bout of kidney stones.  Since then, I do an occasional infusion of kidney herbs to eliminate kidney and gravel stones, cleanse the urinary tract and strengthen the kidneys.  You can also do that as maintenance with any condition.  Pick a couple of herbs that treat that condition, make an infusion and drink it once or twice a month.  I realized as I am typing this, I haven’t had my kidney herb infusion in more than a month, so I just got up and made some which I will drink first think in the morning on an empty stomach.  Yeah!

Following are a number of herbal tea suggestions for various stages (pre and post) of pregnancy/childbirth.

To alleviate symptoms of jaundice, anemia, constipation and toxemia: alfalfa and red raspberry leaves.

To reduce acidity and help with iron assimilation: borage, nettle and clover leaves.

As a general tonic: comfrey root.

To tone uterine muscles: red raspberry, apple peels, mint, blackberry and peach leaves (also reduces morning sickness). 

To aid during childbirth: basil, lavender, nutmeg, red raspberry; squaw vine (taken during last two weeks).

To expel the placenta: chamomile, angelica root, pennyroyal, basil.  

To restore the blood after birth: alfalfa, comfrey; to heal placenta site: comfrey, plantain; to stop excess bleeding: yarrow, shepherd's purse, nettle.

Other birthing herbs: blue cohosh, lobelia, squaw vine, sassafras. 

Breastfeeding: bayberry, milkwort, chammomile, fennel, hops, blessed thistle, lavender.

To increase milk production: fennel seeds, alfalfa, borage, anise/star anise seeds.

To decrease milk: mugwort, sage, mullein, comfrey – for sore breasts use these as a leaf compress or tea.

For vaginitis or yeast infection, use Golden Seal, chamomile, sage, comfrey: these may also be taken together.  For severe conditions drink 1 cup 1-3 times per day, otherwise one cup every other day. 

As a mild, general tonic to soothe the nerves during menses: clover, chamomile, valerian root and mugwort.  Parsley can be taken to increase menstrual flow (and also to relieve cramps) along with tansy and true unicorn root. 

To decrease the menstrual flow: cranesbill, white pine bark, yarrow, white oak bark, juniper berries, bay leaves, black cohosh, skullcap, rue and pennyroyal.

Do not take blue or black cohosh, pennyroyal or tansy in excess and avoid pennyroyal, angelic and rue during pregnancy as they may cause miscarriage.  Also avoid juniper berries and parsley with kidney problems or inflammation.

A general tonic for menopause: Blessed thistle, mugwort, rye, sage; to soothe the nerves: hops, valerian root, chamomile and lemon balm; to relieve menopausal symptoms: wild yam, fenugreek, gotu kola, licorice root and sarsaparilla. For best results make a tea combining one herb from each of these groups with an herb high in minerals (dandelion, alfalfa or borage) and drink a cup daily.

Please look up any of these herbs for further clarification and explanations of each herb.  I’ve shared a lot of suggestions.  Even though it seems simple enough to me, it can clearly be confusing and overwhelming if you have no experience with herbs.  But their use really is simple.  If you have ANY questions, please do not hesitate to drop me an email, I would be more than happy to clarify things.  If you get an herb book or two, and begin reading about the herbs, the simplicity of their use will be obvious.  I PROMISE.  Just pick one or two herbs in the various categories, and make a simple tea to start.  None of the herbs I’ve suggested are dangerous, except in specific situations.  Just like any food, or exercise, or dessert – if you have allergies, or medication restrictions, or serious health conditions – you simply can’t eat peanuts (if you are allergic), or exercise too strenuously (if you have a heart condition or knee surgery), or eat sweets that might raise your blood sugar.  So read about the herbs before you take them, so that you do so with knowledge and safety.

Suggested reading: The Way of Herbs, by Michael Tierra, advanced reading The School of Natural Healing by Dr. John Christopher.

My book will finally be out in another six-eight weeks: “The Energetics of How Herbs Heal, without Drugs or Surgery.”  You can get your discounted ($3) copy now on the pre-order website:  After its release the book will be $9.99.

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Friday, May 27, 2016

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Friday, May 20, 2016

June 1st ~ The Ultimate 30 Day Detox + Hot Yoga Challenge

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This event will be guided by Julia Knight.

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BikramYogaEastHarlem ~ BYEH
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