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Sunday, March 27, 2016


. . . . Make Nature's Medicine Your Own

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Although “herbology” may not be an active term in your vocabulary, it is a reality in your life. The mustard on your table and many of the spices in your kitchen come from herbs; most of the vegetables in your salad are herbs, and if you have a yard/garden, many of the plants growing there (whether by your or their own design) are also herbs. Each family of plants has its own peculiar habit of taking from the soil a specific group of chemical elements that give it its specific healing properties. 

white oak bark browse herbs white kidney bean white pepper botanical ...
White Oak Bark
It is the chemical constituent 'tannin' in herbs like White Oak Bark (main 'natural' ingredient in aspirin), Kudzu (also used as a soup thickener), Uva Ursi (widely used in UTI's and many female urinary disorders) that facilitates their tightening (contract tissue and arrest discharge) action as styptics (stops bleeding) and vulneraries (helps wounds heal). 

Image result for pic of saw palmetto
Saw Palmetto Berries
When the pancreas aren't able to produce sufficient insulin to convert glucose's sugar into energy in the cells (diabetes), the glucose then continues to circulate and accumulate in the blood, which can become very dangerous for diabetics. A number of organs are affected by diabetes: kidney, pancreas, spleen, liver and gall bladder. Herbs like uva ursi, parsley root, gentian root, red raspberry leaves, buchu leaves, saw palmetto berries, kelp and bladder wrack all contain chemical ingredients that promote the body's ability to reduce high blood sugar. Different herb parts heal different parts of our bodies. In fact, the physical, mental and spiritual embodiment of man is perfectly reflected the root, stem and leaves of a plant, in that all the chemical constituents of which our bodies are composed are contained in the roots, barks, leaves, flowers and fruits of herbs, and are put here by the Divine Creator to serve us. We just need to ask them, harvest them, prepare and take them, and live more in accord with the cycles of the universe, the seasons, days ~ and our bodies.

More often than not, we forget that “herbs are nature's medicine.” Ironically, the source of many pharmaceuticals actually come from herbs. Because man-made drugs are an adulteration of the source herb, they do not contain the life force energy, and therefore are unable to heal, restore our balance or vital energy! Healing is the natural process by which the cells in the body regenerate and repairs itself to reduce damaged or necrotic tissue – which herbs facilitate. Although modern medical drugs greatly influence the rate of progression of many diseases, and subsequently improve the state of health, they do not possess the same holistic healing qualities as herbal preparations. A single molecule pulled out of a plant manufactured in a laboratory does not have the same healing properties of the whole plant. In some cases another vitamin or enzyme that occurs naturally in the plant is essential to trigger its action; or conversely, may have an adverse affect when isolated or 'taken out of context' of the “whole!” A plant, berry or piece of bark may contain up to 20 chemical constituents which interact to produce a healing effect. When the whole herb is used all the other chemical constituents that naturally occur within the herb acts as 'buffers' and 'catalysts' amongst themselves, bringing a naturally safe synergy to the whole herb – a safeguard that can't be reproduced in the isolated constituent that we pop as a pill.

Herbs also have specific energies, tastes and directions that affect a healing change, and act very similar to our foods, in that they provide our body with nutrients and other components that enhance organ functions. The way you prepare the formula (as a tea, tincture, capsule, etc.) and the strength of the formula, which is determined by the proportions of each herb to others within the formula, will determine its healing power. There are many foods and condiments in your kitchen that are healing. If you have cold extremities in the dead of winter, ginger is your remedy, as it disperses its healing properties outward to the extremities; or if you can't really get warm in your core, cayenne capsules will resolve that dilemma, as it contracts the warming energy to your center; or to relieve gas after meals chew a few fennel seeds fifteen to twenty minutes before meals; and a simple remedy to prevent infection for minor cuts, bruises or rashes, boil a couple of peach pits in water for twenty to thirty minutes, covered, let sit covered for another twenty minutes. When cooled, use the water as a rinse on the affected area.

We are all healers, inherently, and we need to return to our roots and get back to nature. I'm guessing that you would prefer to have nature's medicine instead of the medications with horrendous side effects. So, it would behoove you to learn how to select the right herbs for the right symptoms in the right proportions to make effective formulas. It's not rocket science. It's relatively easy. For example, to relieve migraines and headaches use nettles and dandelion; to strengthen the kidneys you can use golden rod and sarsaparilla; to help repair the liver (which rejuvenates the pineal gland) use milk thistle and dandelion; or my favorite Chinese herbal pair: bupleurum and peony. Each of these herbs when used with others in effective combinations relieve dis-ease and restores balance to our organs.

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