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Why This Blog

Greetings.  I have been a healer for over 30 years, and have traveled around the country training and teaching various healing arts: martial arts, reflexology, tai chi, yoga, meditation and herbology.

In all my travels and studies, I realized that a variety of healing systems encompassed such different approaches to healing, though most were grounded in that culture's spiritual belief system, but weren't presented in a way that was beneficial for most of us to heal ourselves!

I created my original herb course over 20 years ago to combine all that I've learned into a format and course structure that would revolutionize how the "American mind" would view our body organs, systems and functions and learn its integral relationship to the Universe.  Way beyond the simple understanding that the "moon" has an effect on women's menstrual cycles, and that the Sun is the highest yang energy.

To make my contribution to my time spent in this 3rd Dimension on Planet Earth ~ I've decided to compile what I've been blessed to learn and understand into a (series) book(s).  The first one is what prompted this Blog: