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Sunday, May 21, 2017


Almost all diseases start in the digestive tract.

Don't miss the workshop on 




Attached please find the flyer for "The Soul Of A Man: A Holistic Healing Day for MEN". 

The event takes place on Saturday, June 17 from 11 to 6 at the East Bronx Academy for the Future, at 1716 Southern Blvd, at 174th Street and Boston Road. The event will be facilitated by Life Cycle ConsultantMr. Walter Cantey, and Mr. Rodney Salomon.

The theme for the event is "Healing and Restoration For Men". The event will offer holistic pampering services for men including Facials, Foot Reflexology, Grooming, Herbal Healing Consultations, Life Coaching, Pranic Healing, Massage, Reiki, and more. 
Males of ALL ages are welcome!

Workshops are for Men only and will discuss Alkaline Healing, Fatherhood, Men's Sexual Health, Stress Management, and other Wellness topics. Artisans will be on site with Bath and Body products, Men's grooming items, and more. 

Event admission is $10 at the door or in advance through EventBrite. See the link below.

Ladies are welcome. There will be a Fitness Workshop for Ladies, and a Women's Circle with the theme "My First Love: Daughters and Fathers". 

Please share! Let us celebrate and help heal the men in our communities!

*Bring 2 males and receive a extra special gift bag!*

Vendor opportunities are available! See the EventBrite and Facebook links below -

Monday, May 15, 2017

JUNE 10th 2-Day Wombans Wellness Symposium

This second Symposium of 2017 is going to be all about HEALING our Body's ENERGY CENTERS with SOUND and YOGA and HERBS and ASTROLOGY and NUMEROLOGY and COLORS!!!!  All the natural tools the Universe has given us to heal with - but many of us don't know about them, don't know how to access them, or know how to use them to heal. JOIN US as we share workshops for you on HEALING YOUR MALANINATED BEAUTY from the INSIDE-OUT.   We're going to have a Holistic Skin Care Specialist for melaninated skin care, a hair specialist for melaninated hair care, a master herbalist with HERBS FOR ALL CYCLES of a womban's life, a talk on how to set up your SPIRITUAL ALTAR as well as SPIRITUAL DIVINATION READINGS from Priestesses, a SOUND THERAPIST, REIKI MASTERS, REFLEXOLOGISTS, PRANCI HEALERS . . . . and a PARTICIPATION WORKSHOP of KEMETIC (EGYPTIAN) YOGA.  And each day will only cost you $35 (Early Bird rate) to access all of these natural, alternative healing modalities.  If you missed the first one, DON'T MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE TWICE!

The Early-Bird Ticket price is for both days of the Event, at a savings of $10 for the Early-Bird purchased BY MAY 31st.  There are several ticket price options at EventBrite.

Here is the EventBrite LINK:

You can call (347-407-4312) or email me ( for other ticket purchase options or for more information.

Saturday, April 29, 2017

The Zodiac Water Element Signs: Cancer/Scorpio/Pisces

HERBS ARE NATURE'S MEDICINE . . . here are more excerpts from my book.

So what is so special about your zodiac or sun sign? The Sun is the life force behind each living organism. Each person is endowed with the power provided by the Sun when he arrives on this planet and it is up to him to use this resource. 

The last few articles in my herbal column have been about the Water signs.  If you are a Water sign, you are tuned into the many shades of meaning in relationships, and at times can absorb "vibes" from others.  Water signs have to work harder than other elements to maintain their personal boundaries.

Cancer Health Concerns: Cancer rules the Lymphatic System; heartburn, gastric disorders and obesity are major concerns; they usually suffer in silence as they are not ones who communicate freely. Though they have the tough outer shell of the crab they also have it’s soft belly. Watch food intake, as Cancerians are often the greatest of worriers, which may in turn lead to overeating and an expanding waistline.

Scorpio Health Concerns: Scorpio rules the Reproductive System; they should avoid highly seasoned foods, allow time for rest and fresh air, as they tend to suffer ruptures, hemorrhoids and occasionally toxic diseases.  Scorpios don't understand moderation, therefore sometimes indulge in excess eating, drinking and smoking - if they exercise moderation early on, they can set themselves up for a happy and prosperous adult life.

Pisces Health Concerns: Pisces rules the Integumentary System; some ailments which plague Pisceans are foot bunions, bone spurs and heel bruising/pain.  Pisceans beware of addictions that cause them to withdraw from reality by drinking or using drugs to escape things that trouble them.  The Piscean, being acutely sensitive, may tend to display the symptoms of those they may be tending.


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Saturday, April 15, 2017

Healing Your Body Organs with the Elements in Nature


The most important element in the body is WATER. Its yin/yang organs are the kidneys and bladder. They are the most important organs because they are responsible for providing all twelve organs in the body with their personal Chi (energy).

The next most important element is WOOD.  Its yin/yang organs are the liver and gall bladder, because they are responsible for detoxifying our entire body (WHEN IT IS AT REST)!  If you sleep and wake tired, have restless and interrupted sleep, little inspiration or clarity of thoughts, your liver needs rejuvenating and balancing.

Treating these two elements with herbs will replenish energy and rejuvenate functionality. Then your energy rises, digestion improves, sleep is harmonized and the mind can function more clearly.  Drink a full glass of (room temperature) alkaline water DAILY within 20min of waking, and another within the next hour – and to experience less fatigue, better digestion and regularity.

Understanding how the elements manifest in your anatomy and physiology, which herbs to take to improve our kidney and liver functions, will improve the quality of our physical and emotional health. 


To discover more about healing with the elements, we must understand that as “The Home of the Soul” and being the body's largest internal organ, THE LIVER is ruler over Spring.  The LIVER OPENS INTO THE EYES and is LIKE “A GENERAL OF AN ARMY” because it maintains evenness and harmony of movement throughout the body! It is the most important detoxification system in the body and as such, is also most sensitive to stagnation or stuck-ness (of Energy, Blood, and Meridian Chi).

The Wood Element (liver and gallbladder) rules living, growing entities: trees, plants and the human body, and all growing structures: roots, trunk and limbs for trees and plants; the spine, limbs and joints in our body. The health of the liver and gallbladder is revealed in the finger and toenails as well as in the muscles, tendons and ligaments.  A Wood imbalance can result in spinal problems, poor flexibility, or a weak-rootedness of an individual; arthritis is viewed as a wood problem.

Bitter herbs are a good therapy for the liver, as they are purifying, sedating and heat-dispelling. Alterative herbs are often taken in spring as blood purifiers. Some COOLING ALTERATIVES are aloe, Echinacea, plantain, poke root, red clover and goldenseal.  Some HEATING ALTERATIVES are bayberry, cayenne, cinnamon, garlic, black pepper, and white poplar bark. 


The HEART is our CENTER of CONSCIOUSNESS and is associated with the emotions of joy and sadness.  The condition of the heart may be read from a person's tongue and skin complexion.  The Heart not only rules the blood but it also STORES THE SHEN (Spirit).  When the heart's blood and chi are harmonious, Spirit is nourished; when the storing of blood is impaired, symptoms associated with the Shen manifest: insomnia, excessive dreaming, forgetfulness and extreme disorders, like hysteria, irrational behavior, insanity and delirium. 

The small intestines receive the stomach contents and continues the job of separating good food from bad and absorption of nutrients.  Its length and large surface area send the nutrients from what you eat directly into the blood supply. Disharmonies manifest as urinary and digestive disorders such as abdominal pain, internal rumblings, diarrhea or constipation.

These two organs represent the most Yang of all elements, the Fire Element.  The function of the Fire Element is to provide overall harmony to our circulation and warmth; but not only to maintain heat but also to give warmth to others.

Herbs to warm and tonify heart yang: aconite, cinnamon, codonopsis, hoelen, hawthorne berries, marshmallow root. 

To reinforce heart chi and nourish heart yin: rehmania, tang kuei, peony, zizyphus seeds, schizandra. 

For the small intestines: goldenseal, Oregon grape root, barberry root, plantain (seeds) and black haw. 


                                                                         . . . MAKE NATURE'S MEDICINE YOUR OWN

This information is to help you balance your natural healing energies and is not intended as diagnosis or cure, nor as a substitute for medical supervision.  To pre-order my book:; phone: 347-407-4312; to request my FREE “online” Newsletter, send an email to:  Website:, Blog: 

Friday, March 10, 2017

March 11/12th 2-Day Womb Tansformation Symposium IF YOU HAVE ISSUES WE HAVE ANSWERS

If you are looking for natural ways to achieve 
you need to be at this event!!!

Here's the EventBrite link to purchase your tickets:

Here's the EventBrite link to purchase your tickets:

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Three More of your Healers/prietesses for MARCH 11/12th WOMB TRANSFORMATION SYMOSIUM


All Goddess Sisters are invited to enjoy this two day event abundant with workshops and healing services designed to 
assist in "raising the vibration" of the Divine Feminine within you.  Our Holistic practitioners are some of the finest in the New York Tri-State area who have a wealth of expertise and knowledge.  Some workshops include: Herbs for women's Life Cycles, Aroma Freedom Technique, Yoni Steam Healing, Goddess Healing Circle, and more.  There will be a range of services you can choose from, and will include among them, Raindrop therapy, Reflexology, Spiritual Readings, Attunement for self care, and an Herbs & Natural Healing Marketplace.  We look forward to seeing you for this rich experience that will honor, celebrate and feed your Soul!!

           ~ ~ ~     ~ ~ ~     ~ ~ ~     ~ ~ ~     ~ ~ ~
Here's the EventBrite link to purchase your tickets:

~ ~ ~     ~ ~ ~     ~ ~ ~     ~ ~ ~     ~ ~ ~

Here are a few more of your Mind, Body, Spirit and 
Womb Healers that are scheduled to serve you 
this Saturday and Sunday:

Dorothea McLean - lovingly known as "Dottie" grew up surround by loving family members who only used natural herbs, foods, juices and other homemade remedies to treat their illnesses. 

EarthWellness360 came out of her passion to see her clients receive the best that nature has to offer.  Sis. Dottie attended various colleges and certificate programs to become a Holistic Practitioner.  

This weekend, Dottie will provide "Spiritual Alignment Readings" which will include: colors, crystals, numerology, astrology, and tarot card readings that will help you to target any health issues that may lie dormant or blockages to "True Self-Love."

Other services available from EarthWellness360 this weekend (she will only be lecture/treating on Saturday): Reiki / Reflexology / Color Therapy / Medical Astrology / Fork Tuning / Aromatherapy:Young Living Essential Oils / Yoni Steam Stool / Blood Pressure Analysis / Acid & Alkaline Foods for Natural Wellness & Weight Loss / Mini-Consultations

~ ~ ~     ~ ~ ~     ~ ~ ~     ~ ~ ~     ~ ~ ~

Mwt LaTrella is a High Priestess in the Kemetic tradition, holding Shrines to several deities. She consults the Oracle by reading cards and using her intuition, works with crystals, essential oils, tuning forks, and has been a Yogi for close to 45 years. Before retiring, Mwt LaTrella was the Executive Director of the City College Child Development Center at the City College of New York, and is currently the Education Commissioner for the Association for the Study of Classical African Civilizations.

Mwt LaTrella will honor us with her presence on both Saturday and Sunday.  (Blessings for us all around.) She has been guided to speak to us about the very potent energy coming into this galaxy at this time that is impacting our bodies, and the importance of grounding that energy into the earth.  On Sunday, we will be blessed with her wisdom as she guides us in the importance of our second chakra and the Yoni (vagina).

As a Spiritual Healer, the services she will offer at her table will be Spiritual Readings for our personal spiritual growth.

She will end the second day of the Symposium with a special healing meditation for all womben present. 

I seriously hope you plan on being there 
to receive your personal Blessings 
that will raise your Divine Feminine!

          ~ ~ ~     ~ ~ ~     ~ ~ ~     ~ ~ ~     ~ ~ ~