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Sunday, February 16, 2014

BIKRAM YOGA for Stress, Obesity, Cancer and Diabetes

For over 35 years I have studied and taught martial arts, tai chi, yoga (Hatha and Upa), meditation (Jain), reflexology, with many work outs in the gym, running, jumping and weight lifting, saunas, sweat lodges and steam baths . . . but none has offered the COMPLETE physical, spiritual, mental and emotional HEALING that I've found in BIKRAM YOGA. 

PRACTICING BIKRAM YOGA helps fight stress, obesity, cancer and diabetes. SERIOUSLY!  My home studio for practicing in NYC is at Bikram Yoga East Harlem which is located at 4 East 116th Street off 5th Avenue on the 2nd and 3rd floors (, 212-369-1830.

Can't run or jump or lift weights . . . try the slow, at-your-own-pace and at-your-own-level "Bikram Yoga."  With regular practice the heat will burn the calories and the stress, and allow your muscles and internal organs to stretch, relax and FLUSH TOXINS.  You will GLOW, inside and out.  You will feel the difference within the first few classes and your BODY WILL BEG FOR MORE.  You will begin to heal aches, pains and disease, eliminate bad eating habits and cravings, and handle stress with astonishing ease.

I made this calendar as an educational and instructional guide to show you how each posture benefits your mental and spiritual and physical and emotional health and balance.

Get yours today . . . see the side page "Personalized Keepsakes Website" for a direct link.