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Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Endocrine System #2 The Gonads/Second Sacral Chakra

The second set of glands in the Endocrine System are the Gonads: the gonads consist of the ovaries in females and testes/prostate in males, and are responsible for producing the sex hormones of the body, which determine the secondary sex characteristics of adult males and females.

Image of Testes

The testes produce androgen testosterone after puberty starts, which effects many parts of the body: muscles, bones, sex organs, and hair follicles. During puberty, testosterone controls the growth and development of the sex organs and body hair, (pubic, chest, and facial). With the inherited genes for baldness, testosterone triggers the onset of androgenic alopecia, commonly known as male pattern baldness.

The ovaries are located in the pelvic cavity/uterus in females. The ovaries produce progesterone and estrogens. Progesterone is most active in females during ovulation and pregnancy where it maintains appropriate conditions to support a developing fetus. Estrogens function as the primary female sex hormones. The release of estrogen during puberty triggers the development of female secondary sex characteristics such as uterine development, breast development, and the growth of pubic hair.

The gonads are connected to the second sacral/naval chakra which is located in the groin, and is related to emotion, sexuality and creativity. The herbs for the gonads and second chakra include burdock, gravel root, white pond lily, chickweed, mistletoe, black cohosh, false unicorn, squaw vine, motherwort, wild yam, slippery elm, bayberry, cramp bark, red raspberry and uva ursi.