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Monday, March 3, 2014

Make your own Plantain Poultice

While I was looking for pictures for today's original Post on Plantain - I came across the process below for making plantain poultices.  I thought it would be great if you are an "outdoorsman" or your family camps a lot or get a lot of insect bites in your back yard or during the summer months.  Enjoy.  Here's the web link where I found the info:


Plantago major and P. lanceolata
Parts used: Seeds, roots and leaves

Benefits: Plantain is a common weed across almost all of North America and is a highly nutritional food.  It is one of the best poultice herbs and is often referred to as the "green bandaid."  Plantain seeds are rich in mucilage.
Suggested uses: first aid for infections or poultice of fresh leaves to soothe irritations and infections.  I've used it for bee stings, burns and the like.
So below is a simple way to store a whole bunch of plantain and have ready on the go for your family.
You can use ice cube trays or other shapely fun things of your liking. You can use it as a poultice once allowed to melt.

1. Rinse off your plantain
2. Get out your food processor
3. Add water until a chunky consistency is achieved
4. Ready your ice trays or whatever you're going to use
5. Pour into your ice cube tray. I use some Tupperware I had so that they are shaped in round disc
6. Freeze - but be mindful of freezer burn, so make sure it is sealed and covered well.
7. A couple of hours later they will be frozen and Voilla!
8. Pop them out and store them in ziploc bags; or if you use ice cubes you can put them in a bowl and cover in your freezer. Easy for the kids to use.

And here my Passionate Wise Sista is an easy way to use 
what may be right outside of your front door.