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Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Intuitive Development Program
Thursday nights starting April 17
by phone and/or webcam
It's best if you can sit at your computer during the class.


Greetings, I am sharing this information, as I have been a student of
this person/Center for over five years.  Strictly FYI.
Here is my and other students' testimonials.

Here are a few testimonials from students who were in the previous program.

Taking Peter's Intuitive Development class helped me learn how to tap into higher consciousness and really fine tune my intuitive skills. He guided us and gave us many useful tools to help get to the deeper causes of physical and emotional issues. My level of confidence in my intuition has sky rocketed. I am applying Peter's teachings everyday to help myself, my family and everyone I come into contact with. I highly recommend this class to anyone who is interested in learning how to improve their intuitive skills and gain a deeper understanding of their path in the world.                                                                  

Jim Basil

Peter is an AMAZING intuitive! Everything he has shared with me has been right on. He is also extremely knowledgeable in many areas about life and spirituality. I participated in both his Intuition & Medical Intuition classes and found them to be tremendously enlightening and helpful. I highly recommend anything Peter offers. I am a continuing student of Peter's and I look forward to all that he offers.
Ray Banuchi

Over the  course of five years or so, I have been a student in various classes and courses of Peter's. Most recently I completed his course on Intuitive Development. With his instruction and guidance he has enabled me to access and utilize my intuition on a daily basis. His class has begun to open my intuition to a point that helps me navigate through life with a lot more clarity and ease.
Zakiyyah  Madyun

  • Learn & refine your innate intuitive skills 
  • Work with magical intuitive divining tools 
  • Create a meaningful and articulate dialogue with the Universe 
  • Learn to use the wisdom of your intuitive powers to counsel others 
  • Discover and utilize the intuition that resonates through all your senses 
  • Classes will be interactive with many opportunities for fine tuning.

We're moving into a time of greater consciousness.  Third dimensional reality in many ways is self-destructing as the public mind isn't capable of realizing the way forward.

It's time to come into partnership with the higher functions of the mind and the universe.  We can't know all the answers but we can be in better alignment with the larger picture and be guided with our intuitive gifts.

We can live in much more harmony with life when we can be led by more than our limited third dimensional minds. The higher intelligence of the Universe is so ready to speak with us and guide us.  We just need to develop the tools and skills to hear, see, feel and know.

This class is very much about dialoguing with the Universe.  We can always just sense but it works better to get a conversation going. Learning to tune our fingers, hands and bodies into the subtleties of communication is an important part of this class.  

There will be skills to practice and practice some more.  It does take a while for the body to give up its normal feedback mechanisms and self control to allow spirit to talk through it.

You can call in to the class on your phone and also watch the class on your computer.  If you have a webcam, then you can be seen in the class as well.  A link will be sent to you each week before class which will give you the phone number and pin and a link to get online into the class.

The hours are from 7 to 9 PM.  The cost for the program is $200 for the 5 weeks.  Following this program, there'll be a 4 week Medical Intuition Program on Thursdaynights as well.

Call Peter at 212-222-7748 or email him at  You can sign up for the program at the website