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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Update on my Book

Well, the book is coming along splendidly . . . <;o)) . . . I'm learning that there's sooooo much to do "IF YOU WANT TO BE A BEST SELLING AUTHOR" and if you want your success to be defined by more than just "selling a book."

There's soooo much to do to lay the ground work: marketing your book, getting publicity, seeking interviews, on tv, radio, magazines, etc.  Writing a press release, seeking publishing deals, finding the myriad ways to get your name out there, establish credibility, 
establish a following for your niche market, etc., etc., etc.

Well, I AM ON IT!!!!

Here's an updated version of my book - front and back.  Just a few more sentence/grammar tweaks.


I'd LOVE your comments / suggestions!

I'll post the table of contents next.

Thanks for you support - it's meant so much to this venture.