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Friday, October 24, 2014

Book Update

Greetings Family, this is to keep you updated on my first books' progress.  It seems the more I write, the more I learn (about myself, actually), even after 30 years of teaching. But that's good because the book is for ALL people who need healing ~ and that certainly does not exclude me.

From my very first class, in 1987, my teaching of herbology has been rooted in helping people to under-stand the "nature" of the elements in nature. Aside from just being Ether, Air, Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal, I felt it was critical to your under-standing how the elements correlate to each of your organs and their impact on your health and well being.  The book(s) (and my classes) are structured to help you understand the real process of disease and our actual complicity in it, and how, when we understand the role the elements play in our optimum functioning, we become armed with the knowledge and power to affect a healing change.  This power rests with OURSELVES, not necessarily us having to seek a doctor or resort to drugs or medications.  Of course there is a place for doctors and medications.  I see doctors regularly and am on medication. 

My point is that WE are our first line of defense.  WE hold in our hands, the ability to ward off disease, to remedy solutions with healing foods, herbs and lifestyle choices, and to eliminate disease from our life forever!


My book, "INTRO Herbs Are Nature's Medicine" is a comprehensive introductory peek into how you, me, the Earth (and all that is on/in it), and the Universe are one!  The intent of the book is to help you to understand in depth, why and how the elements act in your body, and when they don't act in a balanced and harmonious manner, if you can understand why, it would enable you to remedy your bouts of illness and dis-ease. It reveals how our multifaceted, multi-layered being is interconnected: the five senses are connected to the organs are connected to the emotions are connected to the chakras are connected to the endocrine glands. Once you understand and accept that "As It Is Above ~ So It Is Below" is the foundation of our Being, and that healing involves the mind, body, spirit and emotions, your life will be easier to maintain a balanced health and well being!

In the last issue of the Newsletter, I did a small piece on understanding the Elements.  I would recommend that you access it in the Archives (at the bottom of the Newsletter) or simply go back and re-read it.