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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Oct 1st NEWSLETTER - Did you get it? OPT-IN NOW! Here are Excerpts from This Issue: Understanding the Chakras; Herbal Honey; Yoga Postures to Trim Your Waistline, Buttocks, Thighs; Dr. Llaila Afrika Video: Healing Diabetes

In the event you haven't signed up for the Herbs are Nature's Medicine Newsletter yet, at the end of this Post I have included information about the Newsletter contents and a link to Opt In and sign up for the Newsletter - here are a few excerpts from the Oct 1st's Issue:

excerpt from: Understanding the Chakras

Chakras are energy vortexes in our emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. The physical body is a series of separate, yet related systems of energy. This system is referred to in the ancient texts as the Chakras. A Chakra is the interface point between the physical and non-physical form. They lie along a linear pathway along the spine from the Crown Chakra, located at the top of the cranium, to the Root Chakra, located at the base of the spine. There are  7 primary basic lower Chakras 
with colors representing the 7 Rays.  Activation and balance of energy flow in the Chakras allows the body's systems to be at their optimum with the higher self.

Each Chakra acts as a transformer within the body. The purpose is to bring into the system a higher frequency of vibration, from the subtle portions of the Matrix Grid, into the thicker frequencies for purification and healing of negative energies. The seven primary chakras, each with its own vibration and color, is assigned to each of the seven endocrine glands.

The spin rate of the Chakras is a part of the fine tuning of this system. The higher chakras spin faster than the lower ones. There is a direct relationship between each individual chakra center and the specific ranges of energy within the human/creation Matrix. The chakra is the interface point, the energetic organ linking various aspects of the physical body to its non-physical counterparts...i.e. the Matrix Grid.

excerpt from: You Asked . . .

 a column where I answer people's questions about their personal health issues/concerns:

Greetings Family, whenever I do workshops or seminars, many people express concern with regularity. Way too many people seem to have difficulty maintaining regular bowel movements. When I ask about their diets, I get these general responses: coffee, eggs, bacon, bagels/cream, soda, cheese, toast, sausage, pancakes, sugary drinks, grits, hash browns!!!!  But here's what you need to think about: you've just awaken from 8 hours of your body resting, your organs revitalizing, and your body (along with the Universe) is rising, looking to replenish its vitality to energize your days activities.  NONE OF THE FOODS MENTIONED ABOVE SERVE THAT PURPOSE FOR THE LIFE ENERGY NEEDED TO RUN YOUR HEART, BRAIN, LUNGS, DIGESTIVE SYSTEM OR BLOOD OR KIDNEYS.

excerpt from the FEATURED PRODUCT . . . . 

~ Herbal Honey: by the spoon or as a tea ~

For years I had the dream of making an herbal honey that mixed all the powdered herbs 
in a gourmet honey.  This special blend 
could be taken straight from the jar 
by the spoonful or mixed in a cup 
of hot water to make a potent, 
healing, hot tea!  


Herbal Honey . . . by the spoon or as a tea!

The Honey itself  is a specially selected Gourmet Raspberry Honey that is harvested in the Pacific Northwest by beekeepers who are dedicated to harvesting the most natural raw honey straight from the hive.  They use a temperature controlled system to ensure that the honey retains its natural enzymes and nutrients.

There are four flavors . . . two are in stock and can be purchased via the Newsletter

Pictures from Last Month's Marketplace (Sept. 6th)

Here's a photo covering the whole room. Far left in the front is my set up with crystals, herbs, Sage, and healing clay and herbs to detox the liver and eliminate fibroids. Behind me (mirror reflection) is a client receiving a Reiki Healing and far right is a chair shiatsu massage.

I have been an herbal practitioner and educator for over 30 years. I became a Certified Herbalist in 1986 by Michael and Leslie Tierra  (author of "The Way of Herbs," and "Planetary Herbology" and others). I have traveled around the country teaching herbology, martial arts, meditation and other healing arts in such places as Yale U in Connecticut, Kent State in Ohio, Evergreen State College in Washington State, Hofstra U in NY and Loyola U in Chicago, to name a few.  My intention remains focused on teaching people how to heal their mental, physical and emotional bodies with herbs, foods, crystals and other alternative healing modalities, so that their healing can be natural, safe, inexpensive and eliminate frightening drugs and dangerous side-effects.

~  ~  Your Invitation ~  ~
~ to sign up for the Newsletter ~

I am excited about inviting you to join our Newsletter Community.  The Sacred Healing 7 Herb Center has been around for over 30 years.  I taught my very first "Herbs are Nature's Medicine" herb course in July of 1987 at the TRS Professional Suite (they used to be on 30th Street off 5th Avenue in Manhattan, and have recently moved to the Wall Street area).  As in life ~ we all must change ~ and the Herb Center is also growing and expanding, and you are in for some exciting NEW programs, services, discounts and FREE Give-Aways.

It is evident to me that in my Life's Path I have always been wired to serve.  To this end, as a herbal practitioner and educator, I am now about to self-publish my first (of three) book(s), INTRO to Herbs are Nature's Medicine, (see book's cover to the right).

Last month I launched a series of new services, programs, products, and discounts for recipients of this DYNAMIC NEWSLETTER.  Here are some of the articles and subject matter you can expect in the coming months: Men's  Health, Womb Purity, Understanding Chakras to Heal Your  Emotional Wounds, Healing According to your Zodiac Sign, Develop/Nurture your Children's Chakras/Soul, Kitchen Herbology, Herb of the Month, Crystal of the Month, and Healing Yoga Postures.

The October 1st Issue will contain a video by the reknown healer: Dr. Llaila Afrika (African Holistic Health) on healing Diabetes! You don't want to miss that!

In addition to this Newsletter, some of the services I am launching this month include FREE teleconferences, private healing circles, FREE monthly Holistic Healing Marketkplace where you can get a FREE mini-consultation from me with the Newsletter's Coupon. For further information about these specific products and services click here.

You can be privy to all this . . . just by simply signing up to receive my FREE NEWSLETTER.

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Zakiyyah MaaKheper-Ast

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