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Monday, October 6, 2014

Relieve Insomnia and Improve Children's Appetite with Kitchen Herbs/Foods that Raise our Spirits, Energy and Health

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There is an easily accessible place in our homes that is bursting with healing herbs/foods that can raise our spirits, energy and health! That is the kitchen. The mustard on your table and many of the spices on your shelf come from herbs; most of the vegetables in your salad are herbs; and if you have a yard, many of the plants growing there (whether by your or their own design) are also herbs.

ROSEMARY, which is often used to season breads and meats, as a tea is useful for bad breath, coughs, headaches and bronchitis (and asthma: made into a syrup with equal parts mullein and coltsfoot); heart stimulant, gas/indigestion, liver tonic, low blood pressure, menopause, nervousness and poor circulation. Rheumatism, premature balding, dandruff, urinary problems and wounds/sores.

CELERY SEED tea sipped slowly will improve appetite, relieve hives and hysteria; will ease insomnia taken one-hour before retiring; eases lung congestion (flavor with a little peppermint), good for nervousness/hyperactivity (with equal parts skullcap), rheumatism (with Damiana). Stimulant as strong morning tea. Promotes urination and as an external wash/internal douche will relieve itching rashes/venereal disease.  Celery Seeds is one of the best herbs for prevention and cure of all forms of rheumatic ailments, also neuralgia; a remedy for liver trouble, dropsy, tumors; removes stomach gas, restores appetite (especially in children) to old and young; steadies nerves and cures hi-blood pressure, as well as improves eyesight.

GINGER, which is on the spice shelf of most homes, not only neutralizes the toxicity of meat when cooked with it, but is one of herbology's greatest 'carrier herbs.'  Meaning that one of its dominant properties is its ability to 'carry' and act as a 'catalyst' to other herbs' medicinal values.  Its warm energy and its ability to carry things through the body makes it extremely efficacious in "dispersing" or "carrying away" fevers - internally in tea as well as externally as a Ginger foot bath, which aids in rapid decreasing of high fevers.  Ginger (and cinnamon) tea is very warming in cold weather, as it is of great aid in warming the extremities of people whose hands and feet get cold faster than most; also by the application of ginger or cayenne powder in socks and gloves is very warming.

TUMERIC, addresses blood impurities as a tea or take the powdered spice in capsules, 1 or 2 capsules three times a day. Tumeric reduces serum cholesterol in the blood and counteracts accumulations of ingested cholesterol in the liver. For eye discharge, conjunctivitis or opthalmia, make an eyewash of the powder. Tumeric acts similar to hydrocortisone as an anti-inflammatory for gout, rheumatoid arthritis, varicose veins or inflammation drink as a tea or make a poultice. Tumeric stimulates the liver when taken with dandelion. Its powerful antioxidant properties kill staph germs.

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