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Saturday, October 25, 2014

The ONE HERB good for Nursing Moms, Mastitis Irregular/Painful Menses, Liver Disorders/Hepatitis

Having a special affinity for the Liver, spleen and nervous system, Vervain
is an extemely versatile herb.

HERBS ARE NATURE'S MEDICINE . . . A very potent herb that is not very well known and seldom used is VERVAIN. Because it has an affinity for the liver, spleen and nervous system, it relieves conditions of liver disorders, irregular and painful menses, as an emmenagogue it increases milk in nursing moms and relieves mastitis as well.

It also has very strong healing properties as an anticancer herb, antiscrofulous (TB of neck lymph nodes), antispasmodic, astringent, bitter, emetic, emmenagogue, febrifuge (reduces fever), nervine and stomachic.

Other medicinal uses include congestion, depression, migraines, nerve/back pain, rheumatoid arthritis, jaundice and gout; and the infusion is used to help pass kidney stones and for infections of the bladder.

The above ground part of Vervain is used in a tea for acute symptoms of colds, flu and fevers. For nervousness caused by liver congestion, anger, shock (all symptoms resulting from an unbalanced Wood Element comprising the liver and gall bladder), a powerful tea can be made by combining equal parts vervain, skullcap, camomile, valerian, Oregon grape root and ginger. Use a natural sweetener only and drink 3 cups daily. To relieve symptoms of PMS, add chaste berries to the above formula.

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