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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

DID YOU GET THE INFO: 10 Second Sex Rejuvenation Posture/DIABETES & CANCER: Is it Coming From Your Cooking

In the event you haven't signed up for the Herbs are Nature's Medicine Newsletter yet, at the end of this Post I have included information about the Newsletter contents and a link to Opt In and sign up for the Newsletter - here are a few excerpts from today's (Nov 5th) Issue:

excerpts from: . . . . .  Is Your Cooking Killing You?

THE SIGNIFICANCE OF TEMPERATURE AND MOISTURE . . . . both carmelization and the Maillard reaction only occur when food is cooked over 300-320 degrees F with hot and dry methods of cooking, like roasting, grilling, BBQing, frying and microwaving.  Wetter and cooler forms of cooking, such as steaming and boiling do not provide the conditions for the chemical reasons, which is why boiled meat or carrots will never go brown and crispy.

These cooking processes creates end products called "Advanced Glycation End (AGE), which are causing significant damage to many parts of the human body.

DANGERS OF ADVANCED GLYCATION END PRODUCTS . . . . AGEs are produced inside the body, in very small quantities, but we get a lot more from the food we eat as Dietary AGE products or dAGEs. They are found naturally in food, specifically animal protein, but the amount increases dramatically after certain cooking processes.

Raw chicken breast (naturally high in protein) contains about 700 dAGE kilo units per 90g serving ~ boiled for 1hr and the same piece of chicken dAGEkU increases to 1,100; microwaved for 3 minutes increases the dAGEku to 1,300; broil for 15min it increases massively to 5,200 dAGEkUs; fry for 8min you increase the toxic load to 6,300 dAGEkUs.  Boiled eggs contain 200 units each, but fried increases to 1,200 units each; boiled potato jumps from 17 units to over 1,500 when prepared as fries, and even an innocent apple nearly triples of dAGE content when baked from just 17 to 45 units.
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exercepts from: . . . . . COLONICS: Better for your Body than Extreme Detoxing?

Greetings Family, last issue we were speaking about "To Detox or Not to Detox?"  And after some brief discussion about the pros and cons, I recommended colonics as a better alternative to purifying the body as opposed to what I consider unfair stress upon the body when detoxing is done unnecessarily.

People get colonics to remove accumulated waste from the colon, to help prevent constipation and to improve overall health.

As we discussed last issue, detoxing (in my opinion) is a severe method of stripping the body by depriving the system of foods, and to what purpose? If your skin is breaking out, you are constipated, sluggish and fatigued after sleep, with other irregular symptoms, and do not have any chronic or degenerative disease, there are better 'body-friendly' ways to correct your otherwise bad habits. Like cleaning up up your diet, increasing your water intake, getting sufficient rest and consciously reducing stress! That is a more "natural" way to detox with NO strain on the body and its systems.

A colonic is the infusion of water into the rectum by a colon therapist to cleanse and flush out the colon. It is also called colonic hydrotherapy or colon irrigation.

A colonic is actually a procedure I would recommend that everyone have regularly.  WHY?  Well, think about it. As many times a day that you consume foods and drinks, do you really think it all comes out - totally - daily? I assure you it does not.  

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