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Friday, March 27, 2015

TRY MY HERB HONEY (TRIPHALA) to reduce cholesterol, improve circulation, reduces hi-blood pressure, is anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory . . . . etc.

TRIPHALA is one of the most amazing herbal formulas I learned about when studying under Michael Tierra in California while earning my degree as a certified herbalist.  I have since taken that Ayurvedic formula and made it into one of my special HERB HONEY formulas!!!
To understand Triphala’s powerful herbal healing impact, you need to look at its contents and their effects on your whole body balance. The name Triphala actually means “the three fruits” and it’s comprised of the Indian fruits amalaki, haritaki, and bibhitaki.
Amalaki (emblica officinalis) is an Ayurvedic treasure in itself and widely used. This Indian gooseberry is one of Ayurveda’s prized rejuvenators since ancient times. It’s been shown to help lower cholesterol and is loaded with vitamin C. While appropriate for all body-type constitutions (doshas) it’s particularly effective for balancing the Pitta Dosha. 
Haritaki (terminalia chebula) is known as the Tibetan "king of medicine." Many depictions of the healing Buddha show him extending a handful of this fruit indicating its longstanding medicinal usage in Asia. It’s believed to have a variety of positive health effects on the heart and brain. It can be used as a laxative by itself, but also has an anti-diarrheal treatment. It’s an anti-inflammatory and is calming to the Vata Dosha.
Bibhitaki (terminalia belerica) is another powerful ancient rejuvenator with detoxifying qualities on the blood, muscles, and fatty tissue of the body. Bibhitaki is very useful with conditions involving excess mucous in the system and is also good for quality bone formation. This fruit is known as “the one who keeps away disease” owing its name to the multiple benefits it has on the Kapha Dosha.
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Ancient literatures for ayurvedic medicine have mentioned Triphala as blood cleanser tonic, a gentle laxative and highly praised for it regulatory processes for digestion as well as elimination. It can be used directly or in some formula, and plays a significant part for treating a great number of conditions. It is designated as Rasayana by ayurvedic medicine; a term in Sanskrit, meaning a medicine that can improve health and leads in longevity of life. Triphala is very safe and has high values so effective that some of the ayurvedic practitioners say a good aphorism for it “When you have a doubt, just take Triphala”. It has all types of tastes except salt, promoting a balanced state between all the three doshas (Vata, Pitta, and Kapha).*
Each of the components contained in Triphala specifies an activity that is associated with a dosha. Amla fruit is a rasayana used for Pitta (inflammation), Bibhitaki is a rasayana for Kapha (congestion) and Harikati is a rasayana for Vata (degeneration). It is considered as Malashodhana (means removing of mal/toxic-wastes). Sometimes toxins, due to poor digestion, are not flushed from the body and get collected in body. Few symptoms associated with toxins accumulation are: thick greasy tongue coating, poor appetite, constipation, pains in joints, indigestion, headaches, orbital edema, congestion in sinus, feeling cold, mental confusion, lethargy. Using Triphala daily helps in body detoxification and restores the integration of digestive tract, bringing perfect balance in body with its wound-healing (astringent), digestive, soothing (demulcent), as well as laxative properties.*
A lot of research work has been carried out in India on Triphala. The research indicates the potential properties of triphala as a detoxifying medium as well as anti-cancer association. Scientists of Radiation Biology and Health Sciences Division at Bhabha Atomic Research Centre have found the abilities of triphala for inducing cell death (cytotoxicity) of only the tumor cells sparing normal ones.*
  • Assists in gently maintaining regularity by cleansing and toning of intestinal tract*.
  • Natural internal cleansing, improvements of digestion as well as assimilation.*
  • Promotes proper blood circulation and blood pressure.*
  • Nourishes both body and mind.*
  • Acting as an expectorant, it diverticulosis and supports liver.*
  • Effective for cleansing the bowels, colon, etc.*
  • Believed to posses anti-viral & anti-inflammatory properties, also stimulates the flow of bile and pristalsis.*
  • Promoteing anti-aging, immunity imparting and mental faculty improvements are some of the other benefits.*
  • Beneficial for eye sight problems.*
  • Promotes weight reduction when consumed throughout a prolonged period.*
  • Non habit-forming, helps with occasional constipation and does not disturb the intestinal flora*
  • Helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels*
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