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Friday, January 20, 2017

Herbs for Healing the Women's Cycles: ELEVATING YOUR DIVINE FEMININE

Here are a few of the most recent articles I've written for the weekly column I write in my community Newspaper.


December 29, 2016

Taking herbs for various WOMEN'S LIFE CYCLES can create a balanced and harmonious lifestyle. The comfort and ease of pregnancy and labor can be facilitated with herbs.  Red raspberry is a specific herb for the entire reproductive system, regardless of age (after the onset of the menses). Following are herbal suggestions for various stages, pre-and-post, pregnancy/childbirth.

To alleviate symptoms of jaundice, anemia, constipation and toxemia: alfalfa and red raspberry leaves. To reduce acidity and help with iron assimilation: borage, nettle and clover leaves. As a general tonic: comfrey. To tone uterine muscles: red raspberry, apple peels, mint, blackberry and peach leaves (also reduces morning sickness).  To aid during childbirth: basil, lavender, nutmeg, red raspberry; squaw vine (taken during last two weeks). To expel the placenta: chamomile, angelica root, pennyroyal, basil. Afterbirth, to restore the blood: alfalfa, comfrey; to heal placenta site: comfrey, plantain; to stop excess bleeding: yarrow, shepherd's purse, nettle. Other birthing herbs: blue cohosh, lobelia, squaw vine, sassafras.  Breastfeeding: bayberry, milkwort, chamomile, fennel, hops, blessed thistle, lavender. To increase milk production: fennel seeds, alfalfa, borage, anise/star anise seeds. To decrease milk: mugwort, sage, mullein, comfrey – for sore breasts use these as a leaf compress or tea. 

January 5, 2017

Taking herbs for various WOMEN'S LIFE CYCLES can create a balanced and more harmonious lifestyle. Taking herbs regularly can bring a level of comfort and ease during pregnancy and labor.  Red raspberry is a specific herb for the entire reproductive system, regardless of age (after the onset of the menses).  Red raspberry tea should be taken daily by every woman.

A less common, but very effective herb for women’s cycles, is Squaw Vine, also called Partridgeberry.  The whole herb (above ground part) is used medicinally, as it is used to restore balance and tone to the uterus and liver, attested to by its bitter taste and cool energy.

Squaw vine is used for menstrual irregularities, and as a parturient to prepare the womb for childbirth.  It works very well when combined with two parts red raspberry leaves, one part black cohosh and false unicorn, and two parts Echinacea root for menstrual irregularities and vaginal discharge.

Squaw vine also proves very useful when used in the last few weeks of pregnancy to facilitate labor, and using the tea as a wash/compress for the breasts to ease soreness, cracked nipples and other discomforts of breastfeeding. After birth, it can be very helpful in treating post-partum depression and improving the flow of breastmilk.

January 19, 2017

Taking herbs for various WOMEN'S LIFE CYCLES can bring comfort and ease of pregnancy and labor, and pre- and post-menopause.  Red raspberry is a specific herb for the entire reproductive system, regardless of age (after the onset of the menses).

BLACK HAW is an antispasmodic, a uterine tonic (prevents miscarriage), a nervine and antidysentery herb.  We use the stem and root bark medicinally.  It is not very well known but is excellent when used for painful menses and many other gynecological disorders.  It also helps ease menopausal symptoms, and it treats excessive bleeding, prolapsed uterus, and morning sickness.

Because of its strong antispasmodic properties, combined with other herbs, it helps alleviate asthma, palpitations, heart disease and mood swings.

Black haw can be taken in capsules, as a tincture or tea (decoction): add two teaspoons of the dried bark to one and a half cups of boiling water, covered, and let boil for two minutes.  Lower flame and simmer for another eight minutes, covered.  Let cool, strain and drink tea three times daily for severe conditions; or one dropper-full of the tincture three times daily.
AVOID DURING PREGNANCY: tansy, pennyroyal, rue, angelica.

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