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Friday, March 10, 2017

March 11/12th 2-Day Womb Tansformation Symposium IF YOU HAVE ISSUES WE HAVE ANSWERS

If you are looking for natural ways to achieve 
you need to be at this event!!!

Here's the EventBrite link to purchase your tickets:

Here's the EventBrite link to purchase your tickets:

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Three More of your Healers/prietesses for MARCH 11/12th WOMB TRANSFORMATION SYMOSIUM


All Goddess Sisters are invited to enjoy this two day event abundant with workshops and healing services designed to 
assist in "raising the vibration" of the Divine Feminine within you.  Our Holistic practitioners are some of the finest in the New York Tri-State area who have a wealth of expertise and knowledge.  Some workshops include: Herbs for women's Life Cycles, Aroma Freedom Technique, Yoni Steam Healing, Goddess Healing Circle, and more.  There will be a range of services you can choose from, and will include among them, Raindrop therapy, Reflexology, Spiritual Readings, Attunement for self care, and an Herbs & Natural Healing Marketplace.  We look forward to seeing you for this rich experience that will honor, celebrate and feed your Soul!!

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Here's the EventBrite link to purchase your tickets:

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Here are a few more of your Mind, Body, Spirit and 
Womb Healers that are scheduled to serve you 
this Saturday and Sunday:

Dorothea McLean - lovingly known as "Dottie" grew up surround by loving family members who only used natural herbs, foods, juices and other homemade remedies to treat their illnesses. 

EarthWellness360 came out of her passion to see her clients receive the best that nature has to offer.  Sis. Dottie attended various colleges and certificate programs to become a Holistic Practitioner.  

This weekend, Dottie will provide "Spiritual Alignment Readings" which will include: colors, crystals, numerology, astrology, and tarot card readings that will help you to target any health issues that may lie dormant or blockages to "True Self-Love."

Other services available from EarthWellness360 this weekend (she will only be lecture/treating on Saturday): Reiki / Reflexology / Color Therapy / Medical Astrology / Fork Tuning / Aromatherapy:Young Living Essential Oils / Yoni Steam Stool / Blood Pressure Analysis / Acid & Alkaline Foods for Natural Wellness & Weight Loss / Mini-Consultations

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Mwt LaTrella is a High Priestess in the Kemetic tradition, holding Shrines to several deities. She consults the Oracle by reading cards and using her intuition, works with crystals, essential oils, tuning forks, and has been a Yogi for close to 45 years. Before retiring, Mwt LaTrella was the Executive Director of the City College Child Development Center at the City College of New York, and is currently the Education Commissioner for the Association for the Study of Classical African Civilizations.

Mwt LaTrella will honor us with her presence on both Saturday and Sunday.  (Blessings for us all around.) She has been guided to speak to us about the very potent energy coming into this galaxy at this time that is impacting our bodies, and the importance of grounding that energy into the earth.  On Sunday, we will be blessed with her wisdom as she guides us in the importance of our second chakra and the Yoni (vagina).

As a Spiritual Healer, the services she will offer at her table will be Spiritual Readings for our personal spiritual growth.

She will end the second day of the Symposium with a special healing meditation for all womben present. 

I seriously hope you plan on being there 
to receive your personal Blessings 
that will raise your Divine Feminine!

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