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Book(s) Update . . . . 

Herbs are Nature's Medicine
BOOK I: Functional Herbology

Well, it seems that the closer I get to completing the TOC and format of each book, another "book" morphs.

Initially, when I finally made a commit- ment this year  to finally write an herb book, it was definitively "Herbs are Nature's Medicine: Your Handbook to Healing with the Elements!" (See book cover to the right.)

Then as I began seeking counsel from others who self-published, were established,  award-winning authors and owners of web sites offering support and free services to assist the Indie (independent self-publishing) author, someone said, "why don't you do an 'Introduction'  to your first book (thanks Coco), so you can establish a following, a platform, wet your feet, etc.!!!  Hence "INTRO to Herbs are Nature's Medicine:  Healing with the Elements" stuck up its beautiful head.  In this edition (see book cover lower right) the main focus will be on the "elements" as few people realize that "As It Is Above,

So It Is Below" is in reality referring to the fact that all the elements that exist in the Universe (macrocosm) ether, air, fire, water, earth and metal, all have an inherent and specific correlation to our inner Universe (microcosm) of body organs: WATER (kidneys/bladder), WOOD (liver/gall bladder), FIRE (heart/small intestines), EARTH (stomach/spleen) and METAL (lungs/colon).  That will be explored and explained in detail in INTRO.

Then as I began to speak to the large numbers of followers on my Blog and readers of my Newsletters, many of them didn't have any understanding or knowledge of exactly "how" herbs work.  They had no idea that herbs moved in specific directions, (nor that every organ in our body had its own 'organ chi' and also moved in "directions"), that herbs had specific tastes that effected their healing abilities, or that they had their own "energy." The 'direction' of the Stomach Chi is downward (as our food is digested and moves downward); when it is disturbed (by our bad diet usually, or emotional upset) we "throw up" = our stomach chi moving in the wrong direction.  Hence, the need to take herbs with a 'downward energy' to calm the stomach chi and restore its downward harmony. This necessitated the third "morph" - Functional Herbology.



BOOK II will be "INTRO to Herbs are Nature's Medicine: Healing with the Elements, and

BOOK III will be "Herbs are Nature's Medicine: Your Handbook for Healing with the Elements

Book I is scheduled for release within the next 45 days.

{The Cover and TOC is also complete for Book IV: Living in Rhythm with the Universe:
Mental, Physical, Spiritual and Emotional Healing with the Elements, which will 
help you understand the healing power of our 7 Chakras (inherently connected to our 
7 Endocrine Glands), Crystals and how to use them to heal our mental, physical, 
spiritual and emotional bodies.

Thank you for the Opportunity to Serve You