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Thursday, May 8, 2014

FYI - Weekly Teleconferences: Self-Discovery, Healing and Self-Empowerment

I'm sharing this information in the event you might benefit from the
 teleconferences. I've been studying with this teacher for over 
five years, and have found his classes to be extremely 
rewarding and spiritually elevating - 
inspiring happiness and hope.
~     ~     ~
His name is Peter Roth and I copied this introduction from his website:

Join our Monday night classes on the phone and with your computer and webcam.

Peter is continuing to offer Heart River evening classes on the special topics of self-discovery, healing and self-empowerment that people have been asking for. During the class, he works with attendees individually to intuitively provide insights into their life process according to the class theme.    

The classes are designed to help see how our lives are patterned and dominated by unconscious strengths and limitations.  Peter offers deep insights into these patterns so new life strategies can be developed.

Our souls are striving for fullness and happiness in the face of our limited minds and egos. When we can recognize our true soul identity and give it the freedom to help manage our challenges and be in touch with its higher needs, we can reach fulfillment.

Come to classes that will work with you to reach inward to the vast stretches of the Universe and the greater consciousness of your soul.

Learn how to change life habits to stop any grip of self-sabotage and move to a life of inner strength and greater happiness.

Classes are all on Mondays from 7:00 to 9:00 PM and the cost is $30 per class unless you sign up for a package of any 5 for $125.  You can register for each class at and click on "Join Peter's Teleclasses" on the right side of the home page. Call 212-222-7748 or email for more information.

April 21 - What is your love path in this life? - How does love reveal itself in your life? Can you give it? Can you get it?  Are you attracting enough of it?  What about your self-love?  Let's see what we can learn about you.  Come to a class where Peter and Human Design will both reveal some important patterns for you to know about.

April 28 - Identifying past life times - Students have loved these past life time classes as Peter has tapped into their soul histories.  It's not just about the entertainment value.  Peter will find lifetimes that have important meaning in today's trials.  Knowing our past is about knowing ourselves better.  Join this fascinating class that will offer intriguingly valuable insights.

May 5 - How you think differently - Not surprisingly, we all think differently  Fortunately, the Human Design System can discern the unique way your particular mind works.  Peter will talk about the many ways the System can decipher thinking and explain how your unique mind is revealed through it.  He will also use his higher consciousness to hear what the Universe has to say about the way you think.

May 12 - What is your abundance theme? - Is abundance working for you?  What strategies are needed to get more of it?  Peter will both work intuitively and through Human Design to get at the core of your unique abundance nature.  He'll need your birth data to prepare your chart ahead of class.

May 19 - What traits does your higher self attune to? - You are being guided by your mind, your ego and your soul as well as having beings on other planes support you.  Often, our survival mechanisms allow our minds and egos to prevail and often we are not living in the full context that our soul and higher self would prefer.  Peter will tap into the Universal Mind to hear from your higher self as well as look at your Human Design to see what it they have to say about your ideal traits.

June 2 - Where do you really come from? - We've had past lives and also have a life outside of corporeal life.  These show us our soul journey.  Not all of us are truly earthlings with the focus on lives we take here.  Many are from other places and have come here to experience and support the Earth's evolution.  Peter will look far back and see where your origins stem from.  You might be very surprised.

June 9 - What do you have to let go of? - We all have deep blocks that keep us from fulfillment.  Peter will tap in to your energy patterns and look for the theme(s) that are holding you back.  Just showing up for this class is a step in the right direction.

June 16 - What is your real job in this life? - We are all here for important reasons on our soul journey.  So many people are unsatisfied with their circumstances and limitations in life.  They might say "There's got to be more to it".  Perhaps there is and maybe we can find out.  Peter can tap in to your soul patterns and speak from a higher consciousness to offer more information and help you understand your purpose better.  He can also refer to your Human Design and see how it describes your role.  Call ahead with your birth information for him to do that.

June 23 - What are the past life patterns you're healing? - What issues from our past lives are we still dealing with?  Probably many.  What is the karma that we need to change?  What can we expect to complete in this life?  Our past life history is mostly veiled from us so we don't second guess ourselves too much.  What can we know that can help us heal and grow best?  Peter will ask in the Universe for answers.

June 30 - What is your crisis tone? - We all respond differently to crisis.  Peter will tap in to see the response he gets about you in the Universe.  He'll also use information in your Human Design.